The Weirdos  / The Middle Class plus special guests

The Weirdos

In early 1977 The WEIRDOS mighty sound and singular style were the big-bang igniting the L.A. punk rock scene. In a 1977 interview for SLASH magazine they proclaimed "we're not punks, we're weirdos from Hollyweird!". This was'nt just goofy sloganeering this was a stance intended to distinguish The WEIRDOS as a band apart from the burgeoning punk rock scenes in New York and London. After all, The WEIRDOS were dwelling in thier own urban wasteland (LA) which they embodied in thier songs, graphics and clothes. In 1990, after releasing records on BOMP, DANGERHOUSE and RHINO, The WEIRDOS released the CONDOR LP and the crucial WEIRD WORLD VOL. I on FRONTIER. In 2003 The WEIRDOS released the long-awaited WEIRD WORLD Vol. II; a collection of studio and live recordings. Dateline: July 7, 2004---The WEIRDOS are declared winners of the 2004 L.A. WEEKLY Music Awards for BEST PUNK ROCK/HARDCORE BAND. Read the latest WEIRDOS interview in SKRATCH MAGAZINE on-line at Also; hear The WEIRDOS 1977 classic SOLITARY CONFINEMENT in the new film LORDS OF DOGTOWN. ...and coming soon on FRONTIER lookout for 'The WEIRDOS - Live On Radio'

the Middle Class

Formed in 1977 in Santa Ana California by the Atta brothers - Bruce (15) on drums, Mike (17) guitar. Jeff (20) vocals, and high school chum Mike Patton (20) bass, the Middle Class was the first Orange County band to break into the early LA punk scene. Playing at a speed beyond any of the first wave of LA punk bands, the Middle Class stood out for both their urgent music and their lack of punk pretense and pomp.

In 1978 the band captured this sound on their debut EP, Out of Vogue. With guitars, drums and vocals all racing each other at breakneck speeds, the EP’s four songs clock in at just over four minutes. Considered the first of its kind, the single influenced many of the bands associated with the Orange County and Hardcore punk sound.

As the hardcore sound began to take hold and the violence it spawned started to eclipse the music, the Middle Class released the 1980 EP Scavenged Luxury. Featuring a distinct departure from the bands earlier material, the EP presented a more complex sound with a brisk, jagged pace and lyrical sophistication that while gaining new fans, also alienated the movement they unintentionally helped create. This period also saw the departure of Bruce Atta from the band and the addition of Matt Simon as drummer.

By 1982 the band pushed its sound even further from their beginnings with the release of their full length Homeland LP. Featuring a tense, sparse, and driving sound, the bass and drum heavy Homeland presented a band that was once again ahead of their time.

The Middle Class disbanded after a 1983 East Coast tour in support of the Homeland LP.

After a successful reunion show for Frontier Records 30th anniversary in 2010, The Middle Class is now playing occasional, select shows.

Audacity are a very rare band, and Mellow Cruisers is a second album that shows a band growing up whilst still retaining the things that made people fall in love with them in the first place. The angst-y vocals/lyrics, speedy guitar and drums, and melody-controlling bass are all the winning elements that Audacity pulls off, even in their young progression. Even if punk rock dies again (which would account for the umpteenth time anyways, right?), one thing that is for sure, is that Audacity are great musicians and have a serious knack for melody that stands above any dying genre. Through the friendship they've had with Burger Records, King Tuff, and tour-mates Natural Child, Audacity have developed through observation, an even more enamored-compass towards melody, and Mellow Cruisers perfectly showcases that. Mellow Cruisers is a successful power-punk record, that's well-produced, well-written, and undeniably catchy and fun. - Heave Media

"Garage rock in the purest form that makes you want to go out and cause a little trouble. 'Sometimes' had me wanting to throw on my leather jacket and step out into the dark night, ready for any adventure that may be lurking in the alleys. This is the stuff your mother warned you about. Embrace it."
- DINGUS (The International DIY Music Blog)

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The Weirdos / The Middle Class plus special guests with Audacity, Corners

Friday, December 13 · 8:00 PM at Echoplex