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Argonaut & Wasp

With “In The Drown” as their debut single, the Indie-Electronic project that is argonaut&wasp has positioned itself as one of the most exciting new acts to emerge out of Vermont. A powerful record full of catchy hooks and musicianship, “In The Drown” is a new-age blend of electronic sounds balanced with the magic of classic pop.

argonaut&wasp spawned from the minds of songwriting and production duo Theo Klein and Trey Schibli in the fall of 2012 when the two met in the Marsh dorm at the University of Vermont. Schibli recalls, “I remember walking up to the fourth floor to visit a friend when I heard, or rather felt, a blaring combination of afro-house and deep trance from down the hall. Curious, I made my way to the source of the music. With the door ajar I carefully peered in and, in the midst of a dark room filled with changing shades of purple and deep blue, found Theo Klein arming the decks rocking a sarong and bandana…”

Since its inception, the duo has enlisted a full live band for touring and recording, including lead guitar player Kevin Whitehead, bassist Alec Donkin, and drummer Willoughby “The Shark” Morse. The group blends an innovative and ear-pleasing mix of house, funk, and indie rock to create the distinct sound that is A&W. When taking the stage, argonaut&wasp utilizes the best of modern DJ technologies with old school musicianship to deliver an energetic and memorable performance.

With an album’s worth of songs ready to unleash upon the world, expect big things from the boys in 2014.



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