Alexander Tragedy

Strings and skins, pen and paper, booze and fear. Mix them together and it is somehow possible to craft a compelling collection of music and lyrics. That is precisely what Alexander Tragedy has achieved with its debut record.

As you listen, you can almost see the dimly lit table with pen moving over paper, crafting paradoxical lyrics about the world we live in, married to catchy and upbeat melodies.

Alexander Tragedy’s new album takes the listener on a journey within the human condition. As you embark on this journey where stark lyrics meet contemporary sounds, connecting is a given. Enjoying them thoroughly is almost certain. Alexander Tragedy. Listen.


An amalgamate of local virtuous, independently reputed musicians in their own right, symmetry/symmetry stands unified as a dynamic collaborative. Forged in 2006 by the collective visions of Daniel Jones and Joel Uram, symmetry/symmetry found its beginnings in Portland, Oregon. Later joined by the sensationally gifted drummer, Andrew Quackenbush, the band discovered its unique cadence and released an EP titled “Love Breaks Light.” The album garnered local accolades, spurring their efforts forward. The band toured venues in Portland gradually etching out a fresh, robust, bombastic soundscape uniquely their own. Cultivating a diversified yet unified tone, they’ve delighted crowds in their melodic wake.

Just Lions

Just Lions is a Portland, OR-based Rock/Pop/Jazz trio comprised of brothers Chandler and Brady Strutz, as well as their childhood friend Andrew Shepherd. Formed in 2008, The band’s crisp live set is driven by catchy guitar solos, energetic drumming, and tight harmonies. Andrew and Chandler have been in bands together for over a decade. Brady and Chandler have been quarreling in the backseat of family sedans for the better part of two decades. Starting Just Lions is one of the best ideas to ever come from a Denny’s in the middle of the night (second only to, “Let’s stop going to Denny’s”). Some major influences include Elliott Smith, Radiohead, Weezer, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles.

“If you haven’t checked out Just Lions yet, what are you waiting for? In three mere tracks, Just Lions pack in enough sound and melody to fill up a full-length album, finding new and creative ways to use the rock template laid out by old stalwarts like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Radiohead (it’s usually a bad sign when a band cites these types of generic, omnipresent influences, but in Just Lions’ case, the comparisons are apt). What they remember is to make all this classic-rock studiousness sound like actual fun, and their jubilant songs bounce, grin, stutter, sparkle, and—yes, when the situation calls for it—rock.” -NED LANNAMANN, The Portland Mercury

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Alexander Tragedy with Symmetry/Symmetry, Just Lions

Friday, November 8 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at Doug Fir Lounge