"[Reptar] thought the crowd was so wonderfully raucous they decided to hold a dance competition, to which the winner received a golden spatula. The ease with which Reptar was able to form a formidable connection with their crowd only added to the enthusiasm of the already electrical ambiance"
Performer Magazine 11-12-09

"These Southern-fried electronic Afro-poppers are known for the sticky dance riots of their live shows. And now, thanks to producer Ben Allen (Animal Collective), who stumbled upon a Reptar show in Atlanta and booked studio time with the band the very next day, they’ve got an upcoming EP that whirs and palpitates like their signature sweat-on-the-walls gigs."
Paste Magazine 10-20-10

Mojave Wilde


It’s all an effort to understand something; in an attempt to figure out why. Aiming to discover answers to questions you never asked. Looking so hard that you find it, without knowing what it is.
You have to do something you wouldn’t do. Ask questions you would never ask. Be outside of yourself for a moment and see. Every artist, every person, every Human on earth is searching for this. It is inconceivable yet omnipresent. It cannot be grasped, and still, it is what we are all trying to attain. It is in that endless search, what holds the truth. There is room for all of us here. Seek and you will find.


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