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Tyree Cooper

was impassionedly listening to. Growing up on the streets of Chicago’s South Side Tyree Cooper discovered his love for the Soul music of the 60's.

A first step was to join his Grammar school band at the age of 13 - playing the flute! His other passion at that time was playing basketball.

Both passions followed him to the high school where he met Mike Dunn and learned how to DJ. Listening to Farley "Jackmaster Funk", “ The Hot Mix 5“, Ronny Hardy and the electrifying energies of Frankie Knuckles, Tyree was well schooled at an early age.

Eventually Tyree's basketball skills awarded him a scholarship to the University of Wisconsin - Stout where the bourgeoning mixing skills were fine tuned.

Two years after college Tyree was already one of the most popular and highly sought-after DJs in Chicago. Then Vince Lawrence, of the Garage funk band “Jesse Gang“ (founded by Jesse Saunders) persuaded Tyree to put together a demo tape of his music to start a career as a recording artist.

From now on it was only a question of time before signing the first record deal with the Chicago based underground label D.J. International - that was in 1986.

The first 12" – “I Fear The Night“ (with female vocalist 'Chic') - promptly became an underground classic in Chicago. Other hits followed: “Acid Over“(1988), “Turn Up The Bass“ (1988/89),“'Let's Get Hyped“ (feat. Kool Rock Steady, 1989), “Let the Music Take Control“(1989) and “Hardcore Hip House“ (1989).
That was the time when Tyree Cooper created a crossover version of house music together with his friend and fellow DJ 'Fast Eddie' Smith and which was known as Hip House. It then caused a furor on the Hip Hop scene, while today rap vocals are a common feature of the commercial house scene.

Tyree Cooper is now regarded as one of the most influential artists in the international House scene.

Already looking back to a respectable discography Cooper founded his own label in 2002: Supa Dupa Recordings.
Later one of the most important Hip House tunes was released on Epic with the original and some new remix versions: “Turn Up The Bass“, which is surely one of the most important Hip House tracks of all times.

Other remixing highlights and hits were undoubtedly Fast Edde “Yo! Yo! Get Funky“, “It`s Alright” from the Pet Shop Boys and the Mixmasters “In the Mix“ which was featured in Madonna’s Truth or Dare.

True to the scene Tyree still lives in Chicago spreading his roots also in Europe’s exciting capitol Berlin - doing what he does best.... spinning and traveling to Europe for gigs and producing new tracks on his own record label Supa Dupa Records.

Norm Talley

Born and raised on Detroits westside in the late 60's Norm's addiction to music began at an early age.By the age of 13 years old Norm's diverse musical outlook consisted of Disco,Progressive,Jazz.Starting off Norm collected good music(45's-8-tracks-Vinyl)with proceeds earned from his paper route and eventually was introduced to Ken Collier who just happened to live 3 blocks over so needless to say most of the Disco and Progressive I attained was through Ken who was a DJ mentor for me.At this point and time I only had one turntable an eight-track player a receiver and some speakers.So I would have friends over and play records and we would dance until we were sweating!!So one day a friend that would come over and vibe was having a backyard party and needed a DJ and asked me to do it which was really special to me because I had never did a party in my life,I only had one turntable and couldn't mix!!So back to Grindstone I went to earn the money to buy a turntable and a mixer and a tape deck which I had about two months to get.At that time I made about $30 dollars a week and before you know it I was at HD Sounds putting together a system(Gem Sounds,Sharp tape deck excellent for pause button mixes,pioneer turntable)So it was on!I did the party which turned out to be a success and got some more offers to do more gigs which began a career on the decks that stands to date!!So in 1985 I began to archive the mixes I was doing on Cassette tapes(over 500)and did that for 15 years up until the year 2000 when I began making mixed CDs which I have over 400 to date!

with residents Free Magic & Faso

Resident at NYC's Discovery party and newly minted label, Discovery Recordings - Loves congas.

$10.00 - $15.00

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DISCOVERY with Tyree Cooper, Norm Talley, with residents Free Magic & Faso

Saturday, November 16 · Doors 11:30 PM at Glasslands Gallery

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