JL of BHood

Joey Cool

Joey Cool is making his mark in Kansas City's Hip Hop scene. Some consider him a poet of our time, combining his story telling abilities and vivid wordplay, intertwined with a passion for good music. His skill started at the early age of childhood, by the age of 15 he started free styling and hit the studios. In 2005, Joey Cool left his home town (Kansas City)and moved to Chicago to pursue a degree in Music Business with an emphasis on Talent Management from Columbia College of Chicago. In 2008, Joey Cool returned to Kansas City and immediately picked up where he left off. He began booking performances and spending numerous hours in the studio. Relentlessly working to perfect his craft. Since 2009, Joey has released 5 album-like mixtapes including Deliverance volumes 2 & 3, (Vol. 1 was released in 2007) Forewarning, The Unheard, and the Unexpected. It doesn't stop here for Joey Cool. The support of his family, friends, and fans, give way to his motivation and ambition. His pure talent is what distinguishes him from others. Be on the lookout for this young hungry emcee, a true rising star.




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JL of BHood with Joey Cool, Dutch Newman, Shag, Versatile, Team Hyphy, Second Hand King, Deuce

Thursday, October 24 · 9:00 PM at The Riot Room