The Shitbirds, The Rosewood Girl, Clear Water, The Dive Bombers, Shareif Hobley

The Shitbirds

The Shitbirds play original acoustic rock ‘n’ roll inspired by a wide range of influences from ’70s Glam to ’20s Gypsy music. With Darren Musatto (Muffalo, Joanna Erdos and the Midnight Show) on acoustic guitar and vocals and Ashley Owl (The Owl Motel, The Saltines) on bass.

The Rosewood Girl

Susan started playing in bands while attending the University of South Carolina, Columbia on a cello performance scholarship. She has performed with bands in the Southeast and NYC areas since the mid 90's as a singer/songwriter, guitarist, bassist and cellist. After some back and forth between South Carolina and NYC, she settled in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and released two solo records under the name "Mouse", with Producer/Engineer Mark Ephraim and NYC performers Konrad Meissner, Dennis Cronin, Pete Galub & Patrick Matera. In the summer of 2011 she picked up the guitar and joined forces with the rhythm section of Brooklyn indie band “Himalaya”, including Nicholas Maglione on drums, Thomas Lawrie on bass, and solo artist Pete Galub on lead guitar. She took the name "The Rosewood Girl" for the eclectic little South Carolina college neighborhood she was living in when she started writing and performing.

Clear Water

Clear Water was formed in January of 2013. Trumpeter Donald Malloy had been making electronic versions of his compositions for a year for rehearsal purposes which lead to a full on band. Clear Water is a trumpet and drum duo fused with Electronica, Rock, and Dubstep. . It all started with a gig at the New York City club, Fat Baby. Donald and Saxophonist Arnold Lee hosted a night of duos there and it was such a success that the band has taken off. With Donald on trumpet and laptop and Kush Abadey on drums they create nights to remember. They now have performed throughout New York, are touring all over the United States, and have released their debut album, Clear Water. Look out for this prolific group. Many exciting adventures are coming there way.

The Dive Bombers

Twanging’ rock n roll.

Shareif Hobley

Recorded on several Grammy winning, multi-platinum albums with top artists John Legend, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill & Kanye West. On stage he delivers effortless guitar playing & vocals full of emotion. His debut album “Bubby’s Luv” is available on iTunes, Amazon & Rhapsody


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The Shitbirds, The Rosewood Girl, Clear Water, The Dive Bombers, Shareif Hobley

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