Alpaca Bowl III

Alpaca Bowl III

Bayroo Burner

Bayroo Burner aka Jacob Moore is a music producer/engineer/drummer. Born in Santa Rosa CA but has called San Francisco home for the past 7 years. His father who was a professional singer and multi-instrumentalist bought him a drum set when he was 10 years old, so it was only natural that he jumped right in to music himself. When he was 17 Bayroo started making beats on a Roland Fantom keyboard then purchased a MPC 2000 from fellow producer Benjo Beats. After falling in love with chopping samples and getting familiar with drum machines he moved into recording live instruments and vocals and is a recent graduate of S.A.E (School of Audio Engineering). Since then has been featured on albums with Action Bronson, Fabulous and Troy Ave.

Todd Day Wait

Since 2009, Todd Day Wait has been touring the United States in his vegetable oil-powered airport shuttle bus, picking up musicians wherever they can be found. During this time Wait has written and recorded a host of original songs and developed an original style that blends aspects of blues, folk, country, early R n B and soul.

This Midwestern boy has been known to make a ruckus. Todd Day Wait’s Pigpen offers fine acoustic music, the kind loved by people of all ages and backgrounds. Is it blues, bluegrass, country, folk? Pigpen’s music harkens to the roots, to an era where all three of those genres fit together just right, before there was a difference. These boys have been known to conjure up crisp boogies and out-of-control barn-burners as wild as a late night hayride. To contrast to their upbeat tunes, they’ve got songs as lonesome as kicking down a dusty gravel road in the middle of nowhere with a guitar slung over your shoulder and a pocket full of nothing.
The Pigpen can project through crowded rooms, playing in near-perfect balance while resting pleasant on the ears. Amplified, they entertain crowds on stages all across America.

MedusA vs Alpaca

MedusA (Megan Knollhoff) is the Midwest's premiere up-and-coming female DJ/Producer hailing from St. Louis, Missouri. MedusA consistently brings to the stage a high energy show; mixing with turntables and seamlessly combining multiple genres of electronic music including Dubstep, Mid-Tempo, Trap, and Moombahton. MedusA started DJ'ing in March 2012 and has already achieved impressive milestones, such as headlining shows in different cities, and making her first festival appearance at Summer Camp 2013 in the GRC Dome. MedusA, as a supporting act, has shared the stage with massive electronic music artists including Adventure Club, Gramatik, ƱZ, Cookie Monsta, TRUTH, Funtcase, DJ SOLO, heRobust, Cherub, Antiserum, Getter, Spankalicious, Atrosolis, and many more. MedusA started producing her own music shortly after her DJing career began. She has independently released seven original songs, eight remixes, and several popular mix-tapes. Her first original production 'Rat-a-Trap' was blogged at, and she was recently featured on the TeamSupreme Vol. 73 mix-tape. MedusA recently received her BSBA from The University of Missouri (Mizzou) and is now focusing all of her time and energy on music production and excelling her turntablism. MedusA is the girl to look out for in 2013.

A powerful lyricist and engaging stage performer, consistently. Writing since 2000 and performing original material since 2006 has honed Dallas' style to exactly whatever it happens to be now. It's certainly hip-hop, it's definitely from the soul, and it will always be relevant. Taking on live drums and other instruments into a DJ set is a task Dallas has made look east for the last 3 years now. Plaing multiple instruments himself, it's a circus that has to be seen. Three professional discs for sale, and a set of entirely new music. All the heads agree......Dope.

A lyricist first, an artist and a rapper second and third, EMFB will provoke thoughts. Writing lyrics and producing beats since 2003, he has honed his craft slowly but surely into a force to be reckoned with. Making music for tourists was never a part of the plan, so keep your mind limber and be ready for anything. EMFB is anything but casual on the mic...



MINORS: Please be prepared to pay a $2 surcharge at the door in addition to the purchase price of the ticket.

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Alpaca Bowl III with Bayroo Burner, Todd Day Wait, MedusA vs Alpaca, Dallas, EMFB

Saturday, December 21 · Doors 8:00 PM at Rose Music Hall