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One new song every day for all of 2010. That's how it began: I wrote and recorded an original track every 24 hours. When it was all done, I put some of the best tracks on four EPs, which you can download for free. Then in 2011, I went into the mountains with a few friends and recorded an album based on my favorite songs from the threesixfive project. That album, Yearling, will be released soon...

Tonight Theater

In its debut year, Tonight Theater has been wowing audiences across North Eastern Ohio with its distinctive and cohesive sound. Experts at their instruments and well versed in the art of jam, they pride themselves on their ability to listen to one another with near premonition-like qualities creating a sonic atmosphere which continually ushers unique performances of their songs.

Although their sound is uniquely Tonight Theater, fans have often compared them to many of their musical influences like The Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Chicago, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Steely Dan, Phish, The Who, A Perfect Circle, Rage Against The Machine, The Greatful Dead, Traffic, Wilco, Medeski Martin & Wood, Pink Floyd, Yes, and The Flower Kings, among many others.

Although this is their first year performing and recording as a four piece band, Tonight Theater has been some years in the making. In the Spring of 2007 drummer Clyde Davis sought to find a talented keyboardist for musical collaboration and quickly found himself enrolling the aid of Myspace. Joe Hartsel returned the ad and the seedlings of what would one day become Tonight Theater were planted. By summer 2007 another Myspace ad had produced Jimmi Berlyoung on the Bass and the power trio began to spread it’s wings under the name Halcyon Days.

The group then began an exhausting search for the right guitarist to meld with their unique sound consisting of elements of rock, jam, jazz, progressive, blues, funk, reggae, and alternative. After some hiatus the group returned to the scene in late 2011. Revisiting some of their prior success with recruiting members through Social Media, the band placed a Craigslist ad and soon added Scott Williams on guitar. Soon thereafter Tonight Theater arrived upon the scene. The rest is yet to come...



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