Rachel Eckroth

Music writers often find themselves stumped as to quantify an artist's work, seemingly defaulting to the "eclectic trump card" way too often. As to the works of jazz pianist, singer and songwriter, Rachel Eckroth - eclectic is most apropos; however, Rachel's music is obvious - from its pop and jazz roots and influence, to its gracefully bold uniqueness.

In 2011, after a personal epiphany that inspired a move back to the east coast, Rachel settled in Brooklyn in what she describes as an "inspired, productive and cathartic year in New York City" - a year that yielded her second solo album, "Let Go". "Let Go" features Rachel singing on 10 new tracks in what she describes as, "a singer-songwriter outing fused with jazz, pop and R&B sensibilities."Never has a project been so uniquely connected to an artist and in a day and age when critics often find the need to compare newer artists to the established, Rachel Eckroth's "Let Go" can only be described as possessing great lyrical, harmonic and melodic depth with visceral grooves and feel-good quirks.

In the spring of 2013, "Gold," a single from the new project, was released into the world.

"Rachel Eckroth is right in step with current genre-bending trends in jazz and pop music." -- C.Robinson, Downbeat"Gold" contains what I like to call real audio drama. The song opens up with an atmosphere that truly sounds like the beginning as in the melodic and harmonic devices utilized give off an almost ancient vibe. As the song moves along it literally and figuratively picks up steam until the last third of the song unfolds the high speed chase that has been hinted at as the climax. This is music for introspective listening." - Grown Folks Music

"Rachel's "Gold" (is) well produced. Moody. Atmospheric. Takes you on a journey." -Nick Francis (KPLU 88.5 - Seattle)


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