Lola and the Red Family Band Xmas

Lola and the Red Hots

Lola and the Red Hots (now the Red Family Band) began as a side project for Tina and the B-Sides. The band would do shows under the “Lola” alias to play different covers and try to out new material.
In 1998 they released The Red Album which would go on to become a cult favorite, featured several live bootleg recordings as well as covers the band would perform live.

After the B-Sides disbanded, Schlieske cultivated Lola into a explosive free for all cover band performing mainly old R&B, and rock and country songs from the 60’ and 70’s.
Lola also grew to a 9 piece band consisting of some of Minneapolis’ finest musicians, Laura Schlieske (Ester Mae Red) on vocals, Jennifer Goforth (Bobby Jo Red) vocals,
Andra Suchy vocals (later Natalie Carroll, “Tammy Wynette Faye Baker Red”), guitarist Troy Norton (JC Red), bassist Tom Peterson (Sassy Cabbage Red),
keyboardist Jimmy Kennedy (Toofy Red), harmonica David Hytone (John Dough Red) and drummer Dave Russ (Blackie Red).

In 2002 they released “Have Yourself A Red Little Christmas” of old soul holiday music which has also become a fan favorite and continues to be a big seller for the band.

Saddle Sores

Classic Country from the 50s 60s and 70s


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