Menage Quad

A live, 8 piece fusion of electro swing and a blend of hip hop. We make swing hop, get with it.

Straight Crooked

Straight Crooked is a group that consists of three members - Z, Rick So Breezy, and Youngblood - who are studying at the Institute of Production and Recording. Opening for acts such as Grieves, Straight Crooked has performed for sold out crowds and received great responses from fans. Based in Minneapolis they're looking to grow a hometown fanbase that will further their success and follow them through their new career.

Big Jess of Unknown Prophets

Just barely out of high school in 2000, MaD SoN and Big Jess debuted with memorable single "Never" featuring a friend who'd become one of the genre's most recognizable Rhymesayers. The collaboration with Slug was a down-to-earth opus that not only cemented the UPs melodic rap style, it laid their cards on the table: Even though the Prophets might never get signed / Never drop a video or go platinum with our rhymes / It'll be cool just knowin' that we've touched a few / and rocked the mic with some of the dopest emcees too. Little did they know that just three years later they'd release their scrappy World Premier debut featuring a trio of the genre's break-out stars -- Brother Ali, Slug and DJ Abilities -- all artists who continue to support the pair's music career (Slug demanding in a 2008 interview with City Pages that the writer's next Q&A be with the UPs). This deserved recognition took time to build, milestones including Now You Know in 2002 and highly praised The Road Less Traveled in 2006, but it all began in a Northeast Minneapolis classroom.

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Menage Quad w. D'Jo, Big Jess of Unknown Prophets, Straight Crooked and DJ Lucy Luxe with Straight Crooked, DJ Lucy Luxe, D'Jo, Big Jess of Unknown Prophets

Friday, December 6 · 8:30 PM at The Cabooze

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