Little Galaxies Album Release

little galaxies

Listening to Little Galaxies is a kaleidoscope of soaring dream-like melodies, shimmering soundscapes and infectious rhythms. It feels like "warm waves lapping over [you], like watching stars shoot across the sky" (Kathleen Wirt, Owner, 4th Street Recording Studios). Every second is atmospheric, emotional, organic, and inspired.

The self-titled debut album will be released October 29, 2013. A twist of ambient, post-rock intermixing elements of psychedelic, pop, and soul. A smoldering vocal performance, lush echoing guitars, and creamy reverberating melodies set the mood, while a dynamic rhythm section and exploding passion bring the music to life.

A soothing female vocal opens up "Safe in the Storm," wailing through a larger than life chorus and triumphant bridge that will lift you up out of your seat. "Listen" evokes a Motown-esque vibe with its punchy reverberating guitars and piercing vocals, while "Vibrations" proves to be the most haunting space-groove on the album with its full, hypnotic bass lines and vibey beats. A dueling guitar intro opens up"What are you Looking For?" and builds into a climactically charged instrumental chorus. This 10-song catalogue showcases Little Galaxies' original sound through its dimensionally textured instrumentation and distinct songwriting, encompassing universal themes and introspective subjects.

Little Galaxies is Jeanna Fournier (vocals/guitar), Amir Eshraghi (guitars), Brian Sumwalt (drums), and Adam Yasmin (bass). Stay tuned for news on Little Galaxies' upcoming album release.

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