My Summer, The Dirty Gems, Ula Ruth, Tom Shaner, John Eichleay

New York indie band. New album "Ice in the loveliest veins" available now.

The Dirty Gems

The Dirty Gems stampeded their way onto the New York rock scene with an energy and undeniable appeal that leaves bands with 10-times more revolutions around the sun wondering where they can buy whatever makes these fledgling stadium rockers so damn irresistible. They blend together sonic influences from No Doubt, Gnarls Barkley, Janelle Monáe and Amy Winehouse with the swagger of The Notorious B.I.G., the grimy blues of Jeff Beck and the theatrical grandiosity of Queen.

The group was formed in early 2011 from the wreckage of the short-lived-but-popular Long Island cover band, Pump Yo Brakes. Front woman, Raycee Jones; bassist, Ulises Amaya; drummer, Jack Goode and keyboard/synth wizard, Cam Underhill had a vision that they could take the momentum from their energetic live cover sets and translate it into original songs that would equal or outdistance the pop and rock classics they were playing in dive bars all over the Island. They invited singer-songwriter, Mills, to join the collective in writing ditties and performing on piano & vocals and then embarked on a quest for the missing piece of the puzzle: a killer guitarist who would jive with the band’s quirky sense of humor and bring an extra layer of sexy to The Dirty Gems sound. With guitar guru, Gary Heimbauer, The Dirty Gems set sail on the High Seas of Popdom and they haven’t looked back yet.

The Dirty Gems’ very first public performance won them the 2011 Hofstra University Battle of the Bands, securing the band a festival-opening slot, where they shared the bill with the likes of Big Boi, Minus The Bear and The London Souls. From there, the band went on to cut their teeth at notable NYC venues including Arlene’s Grocery, UC Lounge, Bar East and various establishments-of-drinking on Long Island. These early shows built a significant buzz around the band, culminating in a wildly successful performance to celebrate the release of their debut EP, THE DIRTY GEMS, at The Bitter End on September 2nd, 2011. Fans of The Dirty Gems packed the legendary club to nearly capacity, inciting ire amongst the wait staff and a pronouncement of “please come back anytime you like” from the promoter.

Poised to take their unique brand of soul-rock to the next level, The Dirty Gems are scheduled in 2012 to widen their performance radius with dates all around the Northeast and beyond.

Ula Ruth

Ula Ruth grew up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Raised Southern Baptist, she found her voice singing in church. She grew up with nothing, and dreamed of becoming something. She left her home at early age with the hopes of becoming a singer in New York City. One day she found fame, but they made her change her name. So now we are taking it back.

Tom Shaner

"There are few singer-songwriters that are able to create something that successfully marries the rich tradition brought to the genre by luminaries like Dylan and Cohen in the sixties with a vitality and vibrancy that is germane to current audiences. However, I believe that Tom Shaner does just that." - Netfeur Magazine

After being received with rave reviews for the 2011 EP release Get Real or Get Gone (Mother West), Tom Shaner serves up his new full length Ghost Songs, Waltzes and Rock & Roll, delivering us further into the Shaner song catalog and exploring a breadth of dynamic songwriting and adventurous production.

Including an amped up version of the Tom Waits song, "Cold Water", the record drifts from songs exploring dreamy tales of a town having a "Silent Parade" to current stories of the "Unstoppable Hipster" and her routine. With its many moods ranging from light to dark, city to country, we're told about hard concrete truths, the light and dangers of love, and the ghostly paces of regrets. You'll discover shimmery pop moments that sparkle with promise as well as folk ballads and waltzes of redemption, to the spirit of rock and roll. All the while fed by American roots with a modern and at times surreal awareness, and a lyrical and melodic power. It features a stellar lineup of musicians and friends helping out including Emmy Bean, Danielle Howle Tom Clark, Claude Coleman,jr of Ween and more.

John Eichleay



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My Summer, The Dirty Gems, Ula Ruth, Tom Shaner, John Eichleay

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