Get Up & Go, Omo, Future Class

Get Up & Go

Ryan Agustin (20) was born in Visalia CA, now currently living in Fresno CA, has been musically inclined since his 5th grade year. He hopes to spread joy and encourage those who are downtrodden to get up off the ground and make something of this life by creating tunes that make you just want to jam.

OMO comes from central west African origins with family in Nigeria, the UK, and also the United States. She has an eclectic sound pulling influences from Florence+the machine, the Japandroids, Polica, The National, and classics like Dinah Washington and Celine Dion. She started writing music in third grade and started her first band in fourth grade at recess and hasn't stopped composing music ever since that is imperfect, honest, unconventional and true.

Future Class

Future Class was formed in 2012, to the delight of the world. Possessing enough funk to warrant continually being confused with Bootsy Collins, Shawn Baugh II and Kevin Johnson craft musical experiences worthy of skipping out on a funeral for. Shawn, having performed and produced music since he was ten years old, has gone on two tours to the Philippines as a drummer and also plays the trumpet, french horn, keyboard, and bass guitar. Shawn also focuses on providing the mind blowing vocals for the band as well choosing both to sing and to rap.

Kevin Johnson teaches private lessons at the amazing Tyme Records and has opened for Grammy nominated One O’clock Lab. Currently enrolled in Music education with an emphasis on percussion, Kevin keeps his pimp hand strong as he lays down the funky rhythms that Future Class brings to your ear holes. Kevin was a ghost drummer for MGA studios in Fresno, CA. And has played for various jazz groups throughout the central valley.

Future Class is and always will be synonymous with excellence and pure, funky amazingness. So bring yourself, your kid and your grandma as well to the next Future Class show... because that old lady has put up with enough of your crap and deserves to hear some great music!

$6.00 - $8.00


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Get Up & Go, Omo, Future Class

Friday, October 4 · 7:30 PM at Kuppajoe All Ages Nightclub