Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith

Merging '90s R&B and neo-soul with her indie-rock roots, Caroline Smith's new music has settled comfortably into a new backdrop as she takes a step from girl to woman. Half About Being a Woman is a record about self-acceptance and growing into yourself; it's about going back to the roots of 'feel-good' music. "I wanted to find my way back to the reason why I started playing music in the first place," says Smith. "Over the last year I began to embrace that being a strong, confident, opinionated woman is something to be proud of, not subdued. I have to embrace where my roots are and stay true to who I am: an unabashed fan of 90's R&B, pop, and neo-soul."

While some might be surprised by the transition, the truth is that Caroline has never stopped evolving. From folky beginnings and an indie rock second album, she has been consistently pushing herself to new heights. With soaring vocals and catchy melodies at the heart of all three albums, Caroline is settling into a sound that feels more like home. "I feel I've finally created something that is a nod to some of my favorite records while being able to use my own voice to illustrate my personal transition into woman hood; That time in a woman's life when her 'fat butt' becomes her 'phat ass'. I wanted to make music to celebrate that and to encourage other women to do the same." This glimpse of an artist in flux was captured perfectly in the PBS documentary on Caroline, My Way Back Home.

Promised Land Sound

Promised Land Sound emerged from the fertile Nashville garage scene—members have played with PUJOL, Denney and the Jets, and members of JEFF The Brotherhood and Those Darlins, among others—but they have quickly evolved to deploy a more varied country and soul palette than most of their brethren and sistren. In short order, they’ve managed to attract the admiration of esteemed folks like fellow Nashvillain Jack White, who released a live 7” of theirs on his Third Man Records. Bassist and singer Joey Scala and his younger brother Evan (drums) originally hail from Roanoke, Virginia but moved to Tennessee in 2000. In another exploration of a venerable American tradition, Joey spent some time hitchhiking around after high school, eventually meeting Nashville lifer and guitar prodigy Sean Thompson and playing in a succession of local bands together before beginning to write in earnest as a team. Keyboard player and pianist Ricardo Alessio tells us he was raised by an insular homeschooling family in Southeast Michigan and classically trained. Luke Schneider sometimes guests on pedal steel. Our slack-jawed reaction upon first hearing Promised Land Sound live at the Stone Fox in Nashville abides: These dudes can play.

Eiren Caffall

Eiren Caffall's songs are tiny anthems for that moment when you think you might drown—-but instead you begin to fly.

Her previous records —- Prairie Music (2000) and Civil Twilight (2007) were pressed into 100 copy runs that she handed out to people she thought could use them. She opened for the likes of Vic Chesnutt, Richard Buckner, and Simon Joyner. 

Then in 2009 her marriage came flying apart, and the pieces broke everything they hit. Alone with a small child, with no job and no money, she wrote a new album in a six-month flurry of urgent late nights, her son asleep in the next room.

Slipping the Holdfast will be released in 2013. It was recorded by Matt Dewine at Pieholden Suite Sound. She and her band - Ariel Bolles (Rachel Ries), Joshua Dumas (Thomas Comerford) Zachariah Parker (The Sewing Machine) and Lawrence Peters (The Lawrence Peters Outfit) - make music about the wisdom that comes whether you like it or not.


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