The Hangover Brigade

The Hangover Brigade

The Hangover Brigade was born in early 2011, when a group of musically diverse friends got together to record lead singer Tawnee Kendall's debut solo EP, In Between Spaces.

Rehearsing mostly on Sundays, after eventful weekend nights in the foggy city of San Francisco, prompted the group to affectionately adopt their name. Mornings after whiskey-soaked evenings can feel like a deterrent for most; the Brigade turns hangovers into fuel, adding an extra layer of gritty passion to all their songs.

The Hangover Brigade captivates audiences with dynamic and emotionally-charged performances. Their songs range from heartbreaking to hilarious, each one, an emotional and evocative tale. The Brigade has the ability to transport you, electrify you, excite you.

The Hangover Brigade is Tawnee Kendall (vocals | guitar), Jeb Havens (vocals | piano), Jacob Wolkenhauer (guitar | melodica), Joe Hickey (bass) and Heidi Weber (drums).

The Creak

"You might find yourself hooked on The Creak for life." -San Francisco Chronicle

You can probably find The Creak in some San Francisco alleyway hiding from the police sent out to investigate "that damn banjo music playing outside my store scaring away my customers" complaint. The quintet plays acoustic music rooted in the bluegrass and folk tradition, with hints of blues and punk elements sneaking in to give them a sound both new and old. Equally at home playing packed shows at venues across San Francisco or busking on the street, The Creak's energetic performances and visible onstage chemistry frequently induce outbreaks of bendy-knee-chicken-wing-fake-
hillbilly dancing to anyone within earshot. "We just really like playing together, and I think it comes across well in a live setting" says guitarist Joe Boone.

Formed in summer 2009, the group consists of guitarists Joe Readel and Joe Boone, banjo extraordinaire Chris Underwood, fiddle and mandolin player Korey Kassir, and bass player Ryan Lim. Joe Readel and Korey usually switch off lead and harmony vocal duties, with the other guys jumping in to sing a song or two every now and then. Early 2012 saw the release of the group's latest batch of tunes, a four song EP that demonstrates excellent songwriting coupled with great playing. It includes such numbers as "Fool's Gold," an up-tempo song concerning money and politics; "This Weekend," an ode to all those after party Sundays shot to hell; and "No Vacancy," a tune about life on the road.

The group is just as comfortable playing such venues as the Great American Music Hall or small private events. However, ask any of the guys about shows and they all say the same thing: busking out on the streets beats playing inside. "I dunno, there is just something about playing acoustic out in the middle of a busy sidewalk" says Korey. "Yeah, no sound checks, no set times, no tickets, just music and entertaining strangers. The way it should be!" adds Joe R.

Look out 2012, The Creak is armed with an arsenal of original tunes, tight arrangements, plenty of snacks, and is coming to a town near you!

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The Hangover Brigade with The Creak

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