Alex Winston

Alex Winston

Detroit native and current NYC resident Alex Winston released her debut album King Con early in 2012 and garnered critical acclaim for her uncanny ability to craft songs that remain with any listener. Having been compared to the likes of Joanna Newsom, Lykke Li, PJ Harvey, Ellie Goulding and Kate Bush, Winston returns to the public forum with "101 Vultures" highlighting her unique ghostly vocals and lush melodies. With this track she brings more focus of experience and instrospection. Alex will continue to play live and tour sporadically through the end of 2013 as she puts the finishing touches on her new album, which will be released in Spring 2014.

Joywave is an eclectic group specializing in alternative pop hailing from Rochester, NY. After the success of 2013's 88888 mixtape, they established their Hollywood Records imprint Cultco Music, through which they released their debut EP How Do You Feel? on March 11. With a catalog that deftly jumps between genre, Joywave’s How Do You Feel? EP demonstrates the band’s pointed talent for blending influences. The Joywave sound is grounded in classic songwriting, often injected with house music's energy, disco's playfulness and an overarching hip-hop spirit. Where any other band might lose its identity in the quest to experiment with so many different sounds, Joywave’s all-embracing approach and ineffable knack for making music that feels good puts their distinct personality front and center.

Deidre & The Dark

Deidre & the Dark is an exploration of human nature through the lens of a modern femme fatale - alive in the present, but heavily drenched in the past - from the naiveté and first moments of falling in love to the complications of desire, the darkness of deceit, and the cold blood of murder. Creating musical portraits with strong cinematic influence of Hitchcock, Kubrick, Fellini, she takes equally from the French New Wave and ‘80s New Wave. There are bubbly James Bond/go-go moments, but always with a veil of darkness; there is the decay of fading romance, but with a hint of hope. All told through a queen of dualities - encompassing darkness and light, masculine and feminine, levity and seriousness, naiveté and manipulation, love and destruction.

The first track to be released since 2011’s Curious Parcel EP, ‘Skeleton’ is a timely example of this polarity - a noir pop song co-produced by French Horn Rebellion’s David Perlick-Molinari - revealing a shiny morbidity, with a driving rhythmic constant making a home within a ghostly atmosphere of vocals, organs and guitars. ‘Skeleton’ is a sound of autumn, reveling in the beauty of erosion, but with the knowledge that nature’s corpse is around the corner.

You may know Deidre Muro as the vocalist of Savoir Adore, or from the recordings of French Horn Rebellion -Deidre & the Dark is where she taps completely into the sounds that score her dreams. Growing up in a family of organists, Deidre strayed from the unanimous choice of pipe organ and opted for the combo organ - a decision informed by her love of ‘60s pop and psychedelic rock. Fused with the influence of her father’s electronic music career and a lifelong interest in music history, Deidre & the Dark is a project grounded in the juxtaposition of old and new.

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