People Get Ready

I'm starting to think People Get Ready are the NYC indie equivalent of, dare I say, Banksy. Little is known about the band and, to be honest, they have a rather drab web presence — save a recent article in some podunk rag called the New York Times. So who are these guys? Here's what you need to know: People Get Ready's addictive, mantra-like melodies play to your senses, sometimes repeating until you're entirely lost in the moment, heart pounding and body swaying. Bandleader Steven Reker was a dancer on David Byne's last world tour, and other members have played with Yeasayer, Lissy Trullie and A Sunny Day in Glasgow. Their recent shows — including a brief run at the Kitchen — have perfectly conceptualized emotion, movement and creative release. Tonight's set should be no different.

In the Bay Area, there is a lot of great new music coming out each week. Bands break up, new ones begin and the buzz ensues…That brings us to The Trims, a local San Jose outfit that has the loyal fanbase and buzz to take them beyond their locality and into a national "spotlight". That's why we chose them for this feature, so you can get yourself better acquainted with the artists that are happening in the South Bay Area. The Trims have a strong sound reminiscent of early Strokes and the brit pop of the 90′s, while also conjuring the swagger of artists like Joy Division. Blend that style with over-sexed lyrics about all things scandalous, and you have the identity that defines The Trims.

"An amalgam of Bowie, Queen, synth-pop, disco, psych... -and the introspection of a sensitive oddball who's been told many times he doesn't fit in, but is actually more normal than most people." -BLURT


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Neck of the Woods


People Get Ready with The Trims, Conquistador

Saturday, December 7 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at Neck of the Woods

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