FREE SHOW - Electronic Tuesday - Ishe Vs. Subliminal w/ Grymetyme, Amagama, CO2, Madhatta and Excelsior

it all started for Ishe in 1994, at a rave in the forest outside of Boulder,
Colorado called Eden.

Although he didn't know it at the time, his life would be changed forever. With his first record purchase: Sandals "Feet" on FFRR, the journey began. Throughout the 90's Ishe performed for some of Denver's original production companies. His experiments with production began during this time, laying the groundwork for what was about to take place.

Around 1997 Ishe stumbled upon a record called "Blowpipe" on R&S records by Rennie Pilgrim, and his love affair with new school breaks began. The next five years were dedicated to this sound, which had finally become vogue in Denver. Throughout the next 10 years, Ishe became widely accepted amongst industry insiders as one of the best DJ's Denver had to offer. The cycle of weekly residencies and the occasional large booking continued throughout the early to mid 2000's. By 2004, the purchase of a studio and Serato Scratch Live catapulted Ishe into the world of digital.

Ishe's musical tastes continued to progress and he began to spin Drum and Bass and Hip hop along with his breaks. His focus on production increased, and he was soon opening for major players like Craze, Dieselboy, and Total Science. It was also around this time that Ishe got serious about promotion. He helped form the Supabreakz Coalition and brought out breakbeat headliners such as Sunz of Mecha, Ctrl-Z & Screwface, and the Cereal Killaz, events which are still widely talked about today.

2008 would be another banner year for Ishe, both artistically and professionally. His move into bassline driven electro house, led to the creation of BLINGFACED, a multi-faceted group of DJs, Producers, and Promoters that has enjoyed tremendous success locally and nationally since its creation. Ishe also caught the Dubstep bug in 2008 and attended Burning Man for the first time. In the end of 2008, Ishe was signed onto Velcro City Records. His first release, a dubstep remix of Anthony Ash's "Autumn Burn", reached the top 100 on the Beatport Dubstep Chart. Every subsequent release would reach even higher on the charts, with his remix of Joman's "These Breaks" peaking at #26 in the Beatport Dubstep Top 100, also on Velcro City. Ishe's remix of DJ Hero's "Return to Rave" reached #16 in the Beatport Dubstep Top 100 in March of 2009. His remix of DJ Hero's "Baddest DJ" reached #36 in March of 2010.

2009 proved to be a very successful year for this resilient veteran; with appearances at the largest events Colorado has seen yet; Caffeine, Skylab, Electric Daisy Carnival, Planet of the Drums, Future Sound of Breaks, and Bassphrodisiac. With a total of 26 releases on Beatport in 2009, Ishe received worldwide attention for his production.

A reviewer on Track It Down had this to say about Ishe's remix of Chris Nunchaku's "Human Blood":
"Ishe gives us a dubstep smasher of a remix for on Velcro City Records. Ishe, has been churning out some high quality remixes as of late and we particularly like this whining bass heavy slab of party wobble material. EXCELLENT REMIX!".

World-renowned producer and DJ B.Rich featured Ishe's remix of Joman's "Understand My Style" in a mix in 2009, and "Physical Force" by Ishe and Dj Hero could be heard in a mix by Jeekoos.

It's now 2010 and Ishe is back at it with 3 remixes forthcoming on Velcro City Records, and a remix completed for internationally known EDM act Rabbit in the Moon. Performances in Salt Lake City, UT, Lincoln, NE, and Kansas City, MO, have further cemented his national reputation.


Andrew Carr aka Subliminal was born in raised in the dirty south, Memphis, TN. Influenced early on by the gritty beats and lyrics of early/mid 90's Memphis rap artists such as Triple Six Mafia, his search for deep bass and hard beats has taken him on a journey that eventually led him to Denver, CO. After discovering drum and bass as a senior in high school in Memphis 1999, he immediately gravitated towards DJing and finding the most underground, cutting edge bass music.

Looking for green pastures in the d&b world, he moved to Atlanta in 2003 and became integrated into the scene, starting the night Resolution and record label Forestry Service Recordings. As the years went on, Subliminal's passion for drum and bass waned, as he felt the majority of the sound had hit a wall and the original vibe from the music he loved was fading from the sound. Serendipitously, in 2005 he heard his first dubstep tune, Toasty's "Like Sun", and was instantly hooked on the sound. Dj sets from Youngsta & N-Type from UK's Rinse FM radio shows cemented his new love, and supplied him with endless listening and inspiration. Early 2006, he brought the first Dubstep show to Atlanta featuring Dubstep's US ambassador Joe Nice. It was not received well. People were not ready for Dubstep in Atlanta yet, as it would take a couple more years for people to start catching on to the new sound.

After moving to Denver in 2007, Andrew hit the internet to search out fellow Dubsteppers and coincidentally became part of the early days of Sub.mission.

A huge fan of the mix, Subliminal's biggest dj inspiration has always been Andy C, the godfather of drum and bass. Not satisfied with just playing records one after the other, Subliminal brings it with something new every set, constantly determined to combine two records into one.

OVER 21: FREE Before 10 PM / $5 After 10 PM /// UNDER 21: $10 All Night


OVER 21 = FREE Before 10 PM / $5 After 10 PM
UNDER 21 = $10 All Night

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FREE SHOW - Electronic Tuesday - Ishe Vs. Subliminal w/ Grymetyme, Amagama, CO2, Madhatta and Excelsior

Tuesday, November 12 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at Cervantes' Other Side