Saintseneca is a young band from Columbus Ohio led by singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist Zac Little. Following in the footsteps of heartland bands who have sought to twist the music of the old weird America into new shapes Saintseneca perform songs that sound familiar and uniquely original, all at once.

While the group formed in Columbus Ohio, Little hails from the rural hills of Appalachia. It is a solitary and dramatic landscape that has infused the band's songs with a sense of introspection and striking narratives. "I was raised on farms in Appalachia," Little explains, "And I think that my perspective on music was shaped by where I grew up. It was twenty minutes to see the nearest person. Being so isolated forced me to be introspective and resourceful. As a kid I would explore these abandoned houses and barns and wonder what had happened in those places."

With a diverse assemblage of influences, the band's poetic lyricism and folk instrumentation is consistently enhanced by elements of pop, post-punk and psychedelia. It is a sound that evolved from playing alongside an array of electrified bands at DIY house shows. "The scene in Columbus is really vibrant and diverse," Little explains. "The connecting thread has less to do with musical style than a shared ethos. We were this quiet folk band playing with punk and hardcore bands so we would try to channel as much volume and power from those instruments."

Saintseneca's upcoming second album Dark Arc is informed by change. While previous records documented the band's celebrated live show, the new record is the result of both a revamped lineup and a dramatically expanded recording process. Dark Arc conveys an exhilarating mix of darkness and light. Lyrics of disintegration play out against arrangements brimming with buoyant folk, post punk and pop. It's a powerful combination and highlights a great sense of joy amidst all the doom.

LVL UP was formed by Dave Benton and Mike Caridi while attending school at SUNY Purchase in late 2010. The project was intended to be a creative outlet for lofi pop songs with an emphasis on brevity. After recording a few demos and garnering a positive response, LVL UP became a full band with the additions of Ben Smith, Nick Corbo and Greg Rutkin. October 2011 saw the release of LVL UP’s debut full length "Space Brothers" on cassette, followed by a vinyl release in February 2012 on Evil Weevil Records. The record received modest attention, exciting a small but dedicated fan base in the northeast United States.

LVL UP saw departure of guitarist Ben Smith late 2012. The now four-piece entered the studio winter 2012-2013 to record their second release, "Extra Worlds". This release experimented with both hi-fi and lo-fi recording techniques, while still keeping to the indie-rock/pop song structure of "Space Brothers". "Extra Worlds" was released on Double Double Whammy in April of 2013.

LVL UP has shared the stage with bands such as Real Estate, Beach Fossils, Japanther, The Babies, Bomb the Music Industry, and Joyce Manor.

I Kill Giants

"For the last two years, these Boston math-pop-emo wizards have slung it on the road and at home with the likes of Enemies, Old Gray, Prawn, Giraffes? Giraffes!, Gulfer, and dozens of others, issued a split with Cerce, landed on the Topshelf 2013 sampler, and dropped their LP this past April on Broken World Media. But, like all good things, they must come to an end. No hard feelings, just life moving in directions as it does."
This will be IKG's last date on their final tour.


Circle//Circle began as a solo project for Emily Byram when she first started writing songs on ukulele. After singing Noah & The Whale songs together on their front porches, Emily learned that Kayla Bastos has the voice of an angel and asked her to join the project. The two started playing shows together and Kayla began to aid in songwriting. Over a year later, Emily asked guitarist Chris Cappello to join the band after she first saw a solo performance of his. Circle//Circle is now a ukulele driven New Haven based folk trio with dual-female vocals. Some songs encourage appreciation, productivity and acceptance; some express sadness, fear and revenge. You can listen to their debut full length album "Guts" for free online.

For Everest

For Everest are an indie / emo band from NYC. Their debut EP, Last of the Dogstronauts, blends elements of pacific northwest indie rock with some modern emo touches to create 4 hook-filled and sincere songs over its runtime.

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Saintseneca with LVL UP, I Kill Giants, Circle//Circle, For Everest

Friday, January 17 · Doors 7:00 PM / Show 7:15 PM at The Space

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