Abigail Press CD Release with Ji Tanzer, Star Rats, Zoo?

Abigail Press

Taking strides as a producer, Eclipsis is a new venture for Abigail Press who created all of the backing instrumentals and has manifested her own textured sound from the ground up. In ‘Kaleidoscope’, the single off the seven-track EP, her natural progression is made clear when ambient electronics blend with the soul and jazz-influenced stylings of Abigail’s vocals to create atmospheric waves of melodic poetry and rhythmic connection.

Full of unique color, Eclipsis glides through an array of styles and feeling, including Abigail’s first German track called ‘Der SonneMond.’ Abigail’s voice runs clear as moonlight, calling into question the inescapable elements of nature and reverberating into illumination. Inspired by the powerful forces of nature in human capacity and the phases of the moon that seem to reflect passing time during various phases of life, Abigail's work represent the space and gathered time between phases of life, actions, and thoughts. A year in the making, Abigail is beyond excited to share this moment with all of you - when her EP reaches the stage of eclipse and bursts forth into the universe.



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Abigail Press CD Release with Ji Tanzer, Star Rats, Zoo?

Tuesday, October 22 · Doors 7:00 PM / Show 7:30 PM at The Secret Society