Starkey is pj. Starkey is from Philly. Starkey hosts "Seclusiasis Radio" every 1st monday of the month on SubFM. Starkey plays the urban underground sound: street bass, grime, dubstep, electro, electronics, hiphop, etc. Starkey, along with Dev79 and El Carnicero, runs Slit Jockey Records.


I do this for a love of music. I do this for a genre that has become a movement. I do this for a feeling, for a community, and for a passion.
LoFoSho is an independent artist, and a focused and driven DJ Hailing from the Midwest. He brings high energy vibes to every set, and keeps you on your toes with his own method of fast cuts and unique blends. Shredding Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Electro, Breaks and Dnb have become the standard for this DJ and are only a few of the elements that compose his live sets.
It all began as a late night hobby, but quickly gained momentum and turned into a full blown obsession....
After less than a year of learning to spin LoFoSho bust onto the scene with a residency at Columbia's own bar "The Field House". Here he learned to mix Video out of necessity in an ever changing environment. He brings high energy vibes to every set, house party, rave, bar, club, and knows how to keep the party live....
LoFoSho has since been making a splash around Columbia Missouri and neighboring cities opening for and playing along side such artists as Abe Froman, Atreus, Afroman, Basscoma, Blush, Bommer, Doombox, Dr. Awkward, Ghost, Hendrix, HODJ, Isofly, Saltz, Samples and Terrabad.
Having recently graduated from college he is now taking a more calculated and driven effort towards production. You can be sure to expect a full blown fusion of DJ and Production material from this artist in the near futur

Split Saber



MINORS: Please be prepared to pay a $2 surcharge at the door in addition to the purchase price of the ticket.

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Starkey with LoFoSho, SKZ, Split Saber

Thursday, October 3 · Doors 8:30 PM / Show 9:30 PM at Rose Music Hall