Emile Millar

Emile grew up surfing with his father in a small town 20 miles north of Santa Barbara called Gaviota. He learned to play guitar on a nylon string Yamaha which was his father's first Christmas gift from his mom. His parents grew African flowers on Hollister Ranch, an area known for its great surf spots and private beaches. Countless musicians, hippies, surfers, and cowboys were daily visitors and the records brought to the house are the records Emile claims his influence. From Beach Boys to Waylon Jennings, Jackson Browne to ELO, Emile was exposed to timeless songwriters that helped mold the artist he is today. In the mid 90's Emile began the critically acclaimed band The Lapdancers (featuring members of Popsicko, Sugarcult, Bad Astronaut) and released The Ghost of Alcohol and Song which received great reviews and national attention. Emile's next project was the artist popular LA based band Postfontaine. After countless label showcases and lunches at The Ivy, Emile decided to go it alone and produce his first solo record Stay Here. Featured in many network television shows and movies including Waitress and Sunshine Cleaning, Stay Here received rave reviews and acts as Emile’s calling card for many musicians who enjoy his producing talents. Emile now calls Austin TX home where he continues to write music and produce records. Emile's latest record Neighbors is now available online, at his website (www.emilemillar.com), and at fine independent record shops. Emile is currently performing in Austin and LA as well as collaborating on several recording projects; his follow up EP to Neighbors will be available Christmas 2011.

The Tearaways

Greg Brallier - Vocals, Guitars
Greg, Fin and Jesse left the hair-band "The Volcanoes" to re-formed The Tearways in 1990 with Perry.

Perry Benenati - Piano and Organ
Recruited from the Dreamers and re-formed the Tearaways in 1990 with Fin, Greg and Jesse.

Fin Seth - Vocals, Bass Guitar
Founded the Tearaways in 1980. Re-formed the Band in 1990 with Greg, Jesse and Perry after leaving The Volcanoes

Jesse Benenati - Drums and percussion
Jesse, Fin and Greg left the hair-band "The Volcanoes" to re-formed The Tearways in 1990 with Perry.

Dave Hekhouse - Guitars
Join the Band in 1991.

"I really enjoyed your CD and watching you perform in LA. You guys should be signed."
- Bob Guccione, Jr., Editor in Chief, SPIN Magizine.

"Their music features a wall of energy and a chorus with a hook that doesn't quit, the type of music I used to look to Tom Petty to produce. Although it doesn't sound like the Heartbreakers, the roots are still the same - basic guitar with a solid 4/4 beat sweetened by keyboards and excellent backing vocals."
- Bart Mann, BAM Magizine.

"...heavy on the hooks and an incredible vocal blend..."
- Bill Locey, Los Angeles Times

"They are a cross between The Hollies on acid and Black Flag on key."
- Bronson Johnson, Discoveries Magazine.

Sean McCue

Sean McCue was a founding member of alternative rock band Summercamp from Santa Barbara, California who landed a recording contract with Madonna’s Maverick Recording Company in the late 90s. He shared lead singer/songwriter/guitar duties with Tim Cullen. Summercamp released their debut album “Pure Juice” in 1997 and hit the US alternative charts with the song “Drawer.” The Drawer music video was in heavy rotation on MTV. Sean’s track “Should I Walk Away” became a no. 1 hit in Japan. Summercamp toured the United States, Europe and Japan extensively, playing the Fuji Rock Festival on the main stage with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Rage Against the Machine and other popular bands. Summercamp also played Lollapalooza, as well as toured with Tonic, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Third Eye Blind, Failure and Poster Children to name a few.

Sean has worked with producers Gil Norton (Pixies, Foo Fighters), Chris Sheldon (Feeder, Foo Fighters, Radiohead), Chris Shaw (Bob Dylan, Ween, Red Kross), Luke Ebbin (Bon Jovi, Rival Schools), and Ben Grosse (Danny Elfman, Marilyn Manson, Ben Folds, Sinéad O’Conner, Filter). His music has been featured on television with an on-screen appearance in the hit show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. More shows include Necessary Roughness, Close to Home, Miami Medical, MTV’s Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant. Sean’s music has also been featured in major ad campaigns (Macy’s, etc)., and in film (Digimon, Baseketball, Double Take).

In 2005 Sean turned to good friend and producer Robinson Eikenberry to co-produce his solo album “Sean McCue | apart”. Sean called on Ramy Antoun (Summercamp, Seal) who gifted his top-notch, high caliber drumming for the cause. Brett Simons stepped up and laid down stunning bass performances. Tim Cullen and Glen Phillips (Toad the Wet Sprocket) make their background vocal cameos in “whatever you say” and “release” respectively.

In 2006 Sean teamed up with cellist virtuoso Michelle Beauchesne who has released cello albums as a solo artist as well as being a featured cellist in the mega-hit video game soundtrack Call of Duty - Black Ops. The pairing of Sean and Michelle was an exploration in minimalism — vocals, acoustic guitar and cello. The album “After the Fire” is a collection of songs primarily recorded live in the studio during the difficult period of reconstruction after the Tea Fire destroyed Sean’s previous studio in November 2008.

When Sean isn’t working on writing and recording his own music he can be found working with others — Sean just completed recording and co-producing the new Glen Phillips solo album titled “Coyote Sessions”. Coyote Sessions was an experiment in recording. Sean lost his previous studio in the Tea Fire a couple years ago, and recently finished building a new workspace, Coyote Road Studios. It's a big open room, with a distinctive sound. Sean and Glen wanted to see how truly they could capture a real performance - no electronic mixing, no overdubs, just a single microphone a couple feet away from Glen and positioned the players around the room to balance the sound — Glen speaks more in depth of his experience in this interview.

In a recent interview for Sounds of Santa Barbara Sean talks about his experiences and where he is today…

Robin & Darrin

Zach Madden

There are contradictions between the lifestyles of a kid raised in Boston and a kid raised hippy style on the beaches of Santa Barbara. I'm sure I'll find little argument there. Zach, to his affect, grew up in both places; his parents split up when he was 6 months old.

Pops was dabbling in the music biz and drinking with Keith Richards Back East while Ma was growing leg hair and organic Spinach on a little plot of land fifteen miles north of Santa Barbara City (amazing property fifty yards from the beach now owned by Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston… not sure which after the split). His Mom befriended the family who owned the land. Single Mom, they liked her, let her live for free as long as she did the occasional repair.

Zach bounced from Mom (food stamps, sprouts and a school that had colors on the doors instead of grades) to Pop (late nights in Cambridge with older friends who liked to get him drunk, blow "smoke" in his face and show the "California Kid" off to the neighborhood). Eventually he sort of grew up.
Today the mellow, brown rice beach vibe from his Mom has melded with the urban green bottle beer street energy of his Pop. His reconciliation of these disparate realities happens with a mic and a drum set or guitar. It's the only place he can really "empty his head and let something real come out."
Zach's earliest musical goal was to be a singing drummer, like Levon Helm (see "The Last Waltz"). He did it, fronting bands in Olympia, WA, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and LA, with many tours along the West Coast. More recently he's stepped out from behind the kit to sing and play guitar. Take a listen to some of Zach's music and let him know what you think.


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