SF1's Halloween Bash

Shane “SF1” Franklin, a drummer, music producer, dancer, actor and emcee who began his career in performance. Born in Denver, Colorado Mr. Franklin started as a member of the drama group and the children and youth choirs in church. A graduate of Denver School of the Arts/ Career Education Center Mr. Franklin studied both music and audio engineering. Upon completion of high school he continued his education at Berklee College of Music and received his Bachelors Degree in Music Business Management
from the University of Colorado Denver. SF1 plans to continue to inspire and touch the world with his music and performance ability as a whole.
Mr. Franklin began emceeing at the age of nine, influenced by his cousin EM3 and his father, Dank Emcee. He is a trained musician, actor, dancer and a percussionist that has trained with the late Betty Ryer, John “Mr. Tap Dance” Williams, Judy “Fatu” Henderson, Stephan Griffin, Ernesto Diaz, Eguie Castillo, Jo Bunton Keel and Cleo Parker Robinson. He has appeared in The Eulipions “The Black Nativity”, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance “Granny Dances to a Holiday Drum” and The Colorado Opera’s “Porgy and Bess” to name a few. As an avid musician he has directed music in such productions as, “Stepping to a New Day” & “A Journey through Five Points.”
Staying with a true entrepreneur’s spirit Mr. Franklin founded Tega’s Percussionary Groove Session, Whymzical Notationz and now has company called Cornbread Entertainment, which showcases & develops new talent and provides music production through SF1 Productions. These are the integrated elements that contributed to the production of the “Cornbread” album.
In December of 2009 Mr. Franklin released his debut hip-hop album entitled “Cornbread”. The album contains 12 tracks that feature a vast arrangement of traditional hip hop, African and Latin influenced rhythms with a fusion jazz spice top with an Andre 3000 twang. Backed up by his band Whymzical Notationz, a four piece all genre
band whom Shane also plays drums with when they perform as a group. His singles
“Love Story” and “Yes Yes Ya’ll” are available for download at www.cdbaby.com.
In 2012, SF1 released his sophomore album “Inamorata”. Inamorata, which is Italian for A woman with whom one is in love or has an intimate relationship, is a “rollercoaster of love” album to its core. From the initial meeting between a man and woman, to the head over heels feeling, to the break up, to the calm after the storm. SF1 has teamed up with Music Producer and long time friend Cesar Gonzalez to craft a fresh sound that integrates Afro Cuban, West African, Middle Eastern, Jazz, and Rock all infused with a Hip Hop foundation. With amazing arrangements, an all-star cast of featured vocalists, and SF1’s creative song concepts, Inamorata captures the attention of every fan of love.
SF1 is sure to be considered one of today’s multidimensional talents that possess an array of skills that is sure to captivate and electrify any stage. Not your typical rap/hip hop artist of today but truly an artist in its true essence. Video footage, music videos, performance dates, photos, and the opportunity to sign up to his mailing list can be found at sf1music.com as well as facebook.com/sf1productions, and youtube.com/sfinest22

The Black Actors Guild

The Black Actors Guild was founded in 2009 by 5 African-American students. Their goal was to provide intelligent entertainment and bring back the Harlem Renaissance. They started out as nothing more than a project for a Black History Month Show. After a successful show, The Guild felt they had a nitch for writing and performing shows, and ever since then have been performing left and right. The Black Actors Guild graduated from Denver School of the Arts and moved their theatre company into the professional world. They have been seen performing with The Shadow Theatre Company as well as The Crossroads Theater. What separates the Black Actors Guild from other theatre companies is that they write, produce, film, and create all original material. Everything is written from skits, to screenplays, to full-length plays, to one acts, as well as music. The B.A.G. loves to collaborate and expand on new ideas with other artists! (And no, you don’t have to be black to be in or work with The Black Actors Guild) Though The Black Actors Guild is fairly new to the theatre world, they encourage and invite you to take a look at, and become a part of the material. Intelligent entertainment is an art form that is rarely seen in this day in time and the B.A.G. hopes that they can one day restore the world of entertainment back to what it once was. Some would say The Black Actors Guild is a theatre company, others would say it’s a lifestyle. We hope you show us some love and support in the social media and we’ll show it right back. GUILD TALK!

The Kandyman Himself

Marvin Sims Jr, "The Kandyman Himself" began his love for music from the second he was born. Around the age of 12 is when he really began to play with the art of free styling with friends and family. As time went on he grew more interested in the art of Hip Hop. By the time he was 19, people took notice to his skill and talent not only in the ability to write music but also having an ear for it. At the age of 21, he took the opinions of friends and the influence of his younger brother Shane Franklin (SF1) and began writing non stop, picking up the name The KandyMan Himself, which was a nick name dated back to middle school, he started hooking up with other local artist and performing at various venues such as Herman's Hideaway, Iliff Park Saloon, Juneteenth Celebrations, Krush Tha Mic and PT's Club Inferno just to name a few. This up and coming artist is definitely on his way to unstoppable fortune, success and fame. Look out Denver because The Kandyman Himself is going to take us to the promise land!!!


CRL CRRL is like nothing Colorado has ever seen. Any one aspect of his style is enough to impress, but he’s a multifaceted performer with more flavor in his stubble than most have in their whole career. He’s a name many in the industry have been working with or at least hearing for years, but he busted the door in this summer, and nonchalantly grabbed the spotlight for himself. Whether it’s his production, his unforgettable live shows, his pitch perfect voice, or his impossibly charming smile...something is going to win you over. Quite simply, he’s the best Colorado has to offer.

$5.00 - $7.00


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SF1's Halloween Bash with The Black Actors Guild, The Kandyman Himself, CRL CRRLL

Wednesday, October 30 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at South Moe's - Englewood