A Lot Like Birds

A Lot Like Birds is a post-hardcore band from Sacramento, CA, known for their tendency to flawlessly blend a wide array of genres; from ambient soundscapes to aggressive punk-fueled anthems to unpredictable prog-rock freakouts.

The band was initially the brainchild of guitarist Michael Franzino. Franzino invited a couple Sacramento-based musicians and friends to perform with him, the result being Plan B, the band's debut album. After solidifying a consistent lineup, the band started to pick up buzz in the Sacramento scene, with their dynamic and energetic live shows getting rave reviews.

In early 2011, the band announced that Kurt Travis (formally of Dance Gavin Dance) would be joining the band as a second vocalist. Soon after, they signed to Doghouse Records (All American Rejects, Say Anything, The Get Up Kids) and acquired The Artery Foundation (Asking Alexandria, Dance Gavin Dance, Alesana) as management.

After signing both deals, they entered Interlace Audio Recording Studio with producer / engineer Kris Crummet (Closure In Moscow, Fear Before, Dance Gavin Dance) to record their second full length, Conversation Piece.

After it's release in the fall of 2011, Conversation Piece received praise and they were called "one of post-hardcore's most important new bands and one of the few capable of saving the scene." (-MindEqualsBlown.net).

A Lot Like Birds will spend all of 2012 on the road, taking their new album and frenzied live antics to the masses.

We were Harvard, but now we're HRVRD. We just released a new album on Equal Vision Records. It's called From The Bird's Cage.

"Live music has so much potential for greatness," expresses HRVRD vocalist Jesse Clasen. "To me, a studio recording is a snapshot of where a song is at that moment, and it should always continue to evolve and take on new perspectives. Live performances are opportunities to share something unique and beautiful with your audience…I've always admired the artists that let their songs blossom into something new and exciting even after they've been recorded."

And while HRVRD's performances let the band explore expanded artistic grounds, one simply cannot deny the power, quality and creativity found within the Charlotte, NC-based band's recorded material that serves as their foundation. Founded in 2004 by guitarists Lee Herrera and Jason Shaw, the band progressively evolved into a quintet of brilliantly imaginative musicians, rounded out by drummer Tim Cossor, bassist Garrett Leister and the aforementioned hypnotic frontman, Jesse Clasen. Together the band, formerly known as Harvard, released their debut EP Animals in 2008 followed by the critically acclaimed full-length album The Inevitable and I less than a year later through Enjoy The Ride Records.

HRVRD also went on to release their self-produced album Interpretations in 2010, a five-track EP of reimagined versions of songs off of The Inevitable and I, followed by a year and a half of writing for their upcoming album. In January 2012, the band returned to Salad Days Studios in Baltimore, MD to reunite with renowned producer Brian McTernan (Circa Survive, Senses Fail), who had also produced The Inevitable and I. Clasen elaborates on their decision to work with McTernan again explaining, "We record our demos with the intention of listening to them more objectively in order to make them better; however, everyone gets attached to the way the demo sounds and so
rarely do we ever make revisions…Working with Brian [McTernan] again makes everyone in the band more comfortable though and ready to make those revisions. It is an environment where everyone is ready to do what it takes to enhance the songs." Shaw adds, "Brian is amazing to work with because he expects the best out of you and is going to reciprocate that ideal in his part of the recording process. He wants every song to have an identity, which is something I personally want in the music I play…it's nice to work with someone who's on the same page as you."

On the new album, HRVRD's haunting sound blends intricate and cinematic guitar riffs with dark, passionate lyrics and powerful, driving rhythms. Effortlessly encompassing the impressive technical qualities of underground progressive-rock and experimental outfits, while remaining accessible through honest, relatable lyrics, the fusion creates a full-bodied, dreamlike ambience filled with catchy, yet sonically sinister melodies. Clasen's ethereal voice defies genres and offers vast vocal range with a wide spectrum of stylistic tones that stand out as notable without overpowering the outfit's more than capable instrumentations. Their true talent shines not only in their ability to perfectly juxtapose driving and atmospheric elements in a complimentary manner but also in their use of those musical elements to guide and balance the lyrical storytelling.

"The most important thing we kept in mind [on the new album] was a strict "less is more" rule," Herrera notes. "In the end, I think the songs are more mature, more heartfelt and more honest, we used all of our experiences from the first record and tried to learn from them to make it better, shorter and more focused." Lyrically, the new album shares a journey of intense internal struggles of the ordinary man. "It's about the tension between positive and negative perspectives on relationships, progression, religion, and science," Clasen expounds. "And more personally, it's me working out who and what I love, and why." The band will release the sophomore, full-length album through Upstate NY-based independent label Equal Vision Records later this year, with the record's release date and details yet to be revealed.

Night Verses

Forming in 2012, Night Verses have enjoyed a break-out year including the release of the Kris Crummett produced "Out of the Sky" EP, the debut of the Dannel Escallon directed video for "Be Happy With Yourself, I'm Staying Here In Hell", and a run of concert dates on both U.S. coasts and across the U.K. Their virtuosic attention to detail and progressive approach to groove are being universally lauded as a fresh new sound, paying homage to decades of influences while managing to retool their roots into bold originality. Rock Sound's Andy Ritchie described the new comers as already displaying as much "dynamism and energy as most bands put into their entire careers."

Defined by a disciplined work ethic that makes them truly prolific, vocalist Douglas Robinson, guitarist Nick DePirro, bassist Reilly Herrera, and drummer Aric Improta are currently composing music for a 2013 release to be followed by extensive touring. Only choosing to record that which they can recreate live, any listener starving for authenticity will appreciate the visceral intricacy of their aesthetic. Night Verses' sophisticated and deliberate approach assumes a level of intellectuality of the listener, while at the same time begging the listener to simply let go and share a moment in time together. Hungry and emboldened Night Verses are creating a body of work simply not to be ignored.

My Iron Lung

Full U.S. Tour this spring with Vales.

We are a band. We play songs and travel.



Symmetry creates music that defies easy classification. Their style can be roughly described as alternative progressive pop/rock. Infectious vocal melodies soar on top of tasteful and dynamic instrumentation. Mike Campbell (vocals), Jared Hara (guitar), Nate Anderson (bass), and Max D'anda (drums) formed Symmetry in Los Angeles in 2012 with Jared's determination to find a balanced and like-minded group of musicians. He lost his sight at the age of 12 and found music. Jared Hara is now a blind guitar virtuoso. Once formed, Symmetry wrote unique and engaging songs at a prolific rate. They recorded their debut full-length album 'Frozen In Time' with producer James Paul Wisner at Silver Sound Studios in Woodland Hills, California.

The release date for 'Frozen In Time' has yet to be announced.

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