AZ's own BC&TVP play original, soulful acoustic music. Think James Taylor style vocals backed by Steely Dan.

Brian Chartrand's latest full band record "The Voce Project" features Mike Florio, Todd Chuba, Adam Armijo, Lamar Gaines, Mel Brown, Lamar Gaines, Everett Harwood, and Mike Smith. The record was released October 19, 2011.

Nena Anderson

From low-down blues to jump tunes to jazz standards, San Diegan, Nena Anderson sets the stage on fire with her charismatic presence and soulful vocals. Nena's powerful voice and old-school phrasing are in stark contrast to her young lean self. She brings original material and a sharp wit to entertain.

Reynaldo Moreno

Raised on the legends of Motown and Jazz ... influenced by Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, and Sam Cooke ... combined with a love of all music, from Pearl Jam to Jason Mraz, and everything in between ... Reynaldo Moreno brings it all together for a unique soul-filled journey of passion, positivity, and love. A self taught guitarist, Reynaldo first entered the Phoenix music scene in the early 2000's. Coining the phrase, "Acoustic Soul," Naldo commanded attention with simply a guitar by his side. After a few years in the twin-cities of Minnesota, Reynaldo returned home to Phoenix. He surrounds himself with music. He's got soul running through his veins. He is constantly developing and fine-tuning his sound. Every live performance is a new best. You will get lost as the music envelops you. You will find yourself tapping your foot, shaking your leg, nodding your head. You'll be singing his songs long after you've left the show. You will become his "Soul Chyld" and that's a very good thing.

Check out the WATCH link, recorded live at BAND OASIS in Club Red Plaza.

Music is life. It moves, it grows, it captivates, it interacts, and it changes. It is an honor to be able to create music and an even greater honor to be able to share it. The love and the friendship that I feel for all the people who I meet ... it's that friendship, it's that love, it's that kind of positivity that's going to change the world and make it a better place.

Thank you for your support. I'll be seeing you soon.

Change the world, NALDA


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BRIAN CHARTRAND & THE VOCE PROJECT with Nena Anderson, Reynaldo Moreno

Wednesday, December 18 · Doors 7:00 PM / Show 8:00 PM at The Rhythm Room

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