TWERK! @ Club Ampersand SAT 10.5

The south’s most notorious dance floor assassin Beverly sKILLZ has developed a widespread reputation for murdering dance floors on a regular basis. Refusing to be tied down to any one genre, she has been known to throw down anything that will keep the crowd moving. She always keeps the crowd guessing blending electro, dubstep, hip hop, disco, house, pop, old school, rock, or whatever she feels like. Playing music that comes from within is just one of the reasons her sets are always killer. Another reason is her extensive background in battling. A gift for turntablism sets her apart from your average club deejay. She brings her craft to the club in a shock and awe style that won’t be easily forgotten. She’s thrown down some memorable sets with artists such as Skrillex, DJ AM, Jazzy Jeff, MSTRKRFT, Steve Aoki and Dayglow’s "Escape Reality" Tour. She also earned national acclaim by placing 3rd in DMC New Orleans 2011. She can be found most Saturday nights throwing down her signature style at Ampersand. Check out for tour dates & music.



Klutch has been involved in various forms of visual mischief since his start back in the early 1980's hardcore punk and skateboard scenes.These days hes best known for being the mastermind behind Vinyl Killers, an international collective of artists who re-purpose old vinyl records into new original artwork.

Chris Jones

The new year of 2012 eschews an era of change and positivity across all spectrums of life. There are those who believe the world will end, but so what if it does? Does that make this moment any less or more important? As a musician who has been playing in San Francisco for a while now, I don't see the point in becoming something bigger. It's much more meaningful to embrace a small group of people who are closest to you and share the gift of music with them. Every time I get up on a stage I am filled with gratitude for those who allow our songs to be sung. I watch in awe as the subtle tides of our everyday lives create that universal awareness which brings people together through music. This is my church, and I'm humbled every time I walk off that stage and realize it is US who resonate as one entity; I am but one mechanism that creates the action. It calms me to feel as a piece of something bigger.

Ever since I was a kid growing up in the south I have always had an affinity for the traditional music played around me. First it was bluegrass and country, later on it was blues and gospel. Our heritage resonates throughout us, and it doesn't matter if we come from Africa or Asia or Europe; within folk music lies the ancient bond we have always shared as humans. A respect for this common current is what allows one to have a strong foundation in familiarity. When this foundation is applied to music it can bring people of all different cultures and continents together. Somewhere deep inside each one of us we long to return to Mother. Through song there is the potential to capture that fleeting feeling, if only for a little moment in time.

That being said, I have always been curious to leap forward and innovate. Connections between distant ideas must be approached with courage and humility. Whatever remote stations of the cosmos one can tune into must be immediately pursued with optomistic openness. This does not always produce a great result, but be brave. It is the breakthroughs of the imagination which inspire hope; an element not to be ignored in the realm of music.

At conclusion there is no need to explain more; for nothing more is truly known. A break must exist for information to accumulate and process. Just keep remembering: "There is no limit to what one may learn when they first admit what they do not know".

- Swami Maharajarati Punham Cahones



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TWERK! @ Club Ampersand SAT 10.5 with Klutch, Chris Jones, DJ Trip

Saturday, October 5 · Doors 10:00 PM at Ampersand - New Orleans