LGBT Film Festival

LGBT Film Festival

The Pensacola LGBT Film Festival highlights the artistic contributions both nationally and internationally of lesbian, gay, bi and transgender (LGBT) films and filmmakers. The unique ability of film to transcend stereotypes and relate to the viewer opens the door to a dialogue about the LGBT experience, building a stronger and more open Pensacola.

This year the Pensacola LGBT Film Festival will showcase three feature-length documentaries alongside a number of short films. On Tuesday at the UWF Concert Hall, we will screen “deepsouth”, a documentary about four individuals who redefine Southern American traditional values in the face of history, poverty -- and now soaring HIV infections. The film will be followed by a discussion facilitated by HIVevolution. Wednesday we will screen a series of short films at Vinyl Music Hall downtown. On Thursday, we will be at the Bayview Park pier in East Hill, which should be a beautiful outdoor viewing experience. We will be holding our closing ceremonies at Artel Gallery, featuring “What’s the T?” followed by a Q&A with members of the cast and crew, including Director Cecilio Asuncion.

Dates: October 8 -11, 2013


Tuesday: Southern Spotlight on HIV at the UWF CFPA Music Hall, featuring the documentary “deepsouth” followed by short film “O Pacote” (The Package) and a discussion from HIVevolution.

Wednesday: A series of short films at the Vinyl Music Hall highlighting various LGBT issues.

Thursday: “Families in the Park” featuring “Conceiving Family” at Bayview Park Pier

Friday: Closing ceremonies at Artel Gallery with snacks provided by Cactus Flower along with Sangria featuring “What’s the T” and a local short subject documentary followed by a Q & A with select cast and crew from both films.

Wednesday, Oct. 9th at 6:30 PM

What: A series of short films at the Vinyl Music Hall highlighting various LGBT issues.

Where: Vinyl Music Hall Downtown


The Painted Girl: The story of Megan, a closeted gay 15 year old, who runs away from her mother's expectations. Hiding in an abandoned subway tunnel, she uses spray paint to create art for her mother. Megan hopes that through this gallery of graffiti she can help her mother understand who she is.
Director Ben Kadie (age 17) filmed in downtown Seattle and in the 100-year-old underground bunkers of Fort Casey State Park. Ben, a high schooler, turned these locations into graffiti-covered subway tunnels using visual effects including motion tracking and 3D modeling. Emma Rae Johnson leads a cast that includes Seattle-area actors Molly Berg, Andrew Tribolini, Rex Davison, and Victoria Puckett. The film features licensed songs by Now, Now and Bethurum.

Luca: Luca takes his long-term relationship with Felix for granted until a freak accident changes everything. Waking up from a coma Luca discovers to his horror that he has become straight. Alone in a strange world Luca must fight to reclaim his gayness and his relationship.

Model CiTizen: Brigite, shows the daily life of being a trans model, a Muslim, and a woman. She possesses the real character of a transwoman in a society where having your own gender seems to be an issue to the community- at- large. This young lady has gone through similar experiences like any other transwoman in one way or the other, within the same industry or not. Despite of the issues and discrimination she encounters every day, Brigite keeps her faith and stays strong that someday, on any given day, this world can be a better place to live in. The documentary features Brigite Salvatore and is co-directed and co-produced by Cecilio Asuncion. Brigite was born and raised in the island of Jolo, Sulu.

(A)Typical Couple: A typical day in the life of a typical couple. This short honest documentary gives an insight into the typical happy life of a lesbian couple in order to relate that the differences in how heterosexual and homosexual couples interact with each other.

The Bus Pass: Don’t forget your Clipper card! The Bus Pass takes us cruising aboard public transportation. After seeing the person of her dreams, a young woman anxiously plots her first move.

Always My Son: A short documentary that chronicles the journey of a Mexican-American families realization and acceptance that their son is gay.

Quiet: The story of a woman named Ali who is denied the right to make medical decisions for her partner, Sam, after a car accident renders Sam unconscious. Ali must lie and say she is Sam's sister so that she can be with her in the hospital. We see their relationship develop in the past, as Ali's situation unravels in the present. The film is inspired by the true story of Janice Langbehn and Lisa Pond.



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LGBT Film Festival

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