Seven J, Trevaris Tutt, Ill Day, Chalwel, Neek Smif

Seven J

Christian Hip Hop Rapper

Trevaris Tutt

Reformed Gospel Rapper

Christ Open my eyes into His marvellous light. He died so that my sins would be forgiven and that I would be at peace with the Father. I am justified through him alone, not by any good works but by his unconditional election.I was a slave to my sins now I am a slave to the Master.

Ill Day

Christian Hip Hop Rapper


Christian Hip Hop Band

I create biblical confessions, creeds, and catechisms in musical form to help the average lay Christian understand Scripture more clearly. I love my job.



This event is STANDING ROOM ONLY (with limited seating available)-NO LARGE BAGS-NO SMOKING IN VENUE-NO RE-ENTRY. Sound at the Murray Hill Theatre provided by AVL Productions

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Seven J, Trevaris Tutt, Ill Day, Chalwel, Neek Smif

Friday, October 11 · Doors 7:00 PM / Show 7:30 PM at Murray Hill Theatre