Val Yumm

Val Yumm


NAH is what you hear just before the fire starts, before the glass shatters and the wood warps and the paint cracks. The sound of something not quite right, trapped beneath a layer of expired film. Surgery scars stitched with one thousand miles of cassette tape. NAH is Michael Kuhn (the seated half of anthemic Lancaster punk duo 1994!) and he constructs beats from live drums, samples, loops, basement dust, toxic cleaning supplies, tile grime, and dark matter. He wrote END, the second NAH album of 2012, with a broken hand. Its twenty-one songs churn and hum with the wary efficiency of an industrial machine on its last legs. END's harsh older brother, tapefuck, rolls through yr head from ear to ear, but not before bombing the shit out of yr brain. No pity, no remorse. You can listen to both on, and find tapefuck on cassette from Ranch Records; END is currently available on VHS tape, with an LP coming this winter.



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Val Yumm with NAH

Wednesday, October 9 · Doors 6:00 PM / Show 8:00 PM at The Lizard Lounge