Red Velvet Crush

Red Velvet Crush is a pop/rock band formed by like-minded musicians that strive to motivate others to turn their dreams into realities.

Pushing the limits, beyond the highest expectations and a passion for turning dreams into reality. Red Velvet Crush tells the chapters of courage, motivation and of making choices to make a change, for the better. Realizing what you know and what you dream to create the life you desire, the person you aspire to be; Red Velvet Crush is living the story through songs and stages.

What you see isn’t always what you get...Red Velvet Crush is set to release Smoke and Mirrors, the brand new debut EP, produced by Dave Percefull (Green Day, David Cook) of yellowDOGstudios in Austin, TX Tuesday, June 4th, 2013. When things seem perfect but you know they’re not, you can always turn it all around through courage, motivation and making a choice to make a change for the better. Smoke and Mirrors moves in musical chapters and emotion from start to finish and blends pop/rock with hard rock influence, punk/pop and even a hint of synthpop. “Monster” shows the realization of seeing the darkness in your life in a person or situation and then how to have courage to move ahead no matter what. “You Didn’t Lose!” is straight to the message: don’t question things when things are good. Go with it. With lead vocalist Jillian Riscoe sponsored by Daisy Rock Guitars, “Girls Rock TOO” stands for all the girls and women who feel that they can rock just as hard as all the guys can, no matter what society says. “Contents: Under Pressure” describes all the pressure that surrounds our lives; finally the “explosion” that occurs at your breaking point then deciding to make a choice to make a change, for the better.

Dead Man's Hand

Dead Man's Hand is a hard rock band formed in Seattle in 2012 with lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Kasey McGrew (formerly of eaventil and Fourth and Forever) and Lead guitarist and backing vocalist Bret Palmer (Sevil and Below Blackstar). After spending some time in Seattle they came to the conclusion that the Seattle music scene was not for them and moved to Kansas City in search of a scene that better suited their style. There they picked up former Sevil and Guided by Walls guitarist Jeff Kent and drummer James Aguiar and began playing shows all over Kansas City including opening slots for HURT, PopEvil, and The Dreaming. In 2013 they released their first demo, "Til Karma Forgets," that includes five original songs which has gained positive reviews and been featured on local radio shows. Dead Man's Hand has described themselves as having an energetic live show with songs featuring catchy hooks as well as hard, driving rhythms, soaring, original guitar solos, and passionate vocals. "We are just four guys from humble backgrounds looking to carve our place in the world of honest, to the point hard rock".



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Red Velvet Crush with Dead Man's Hand, Sober Overdose

Saturday, October 19 · 7:00 PM at The Riot Room