Total Trash

Total Trash

Total Trash was started in early 2012 when Jessica Katz and Dustin McChesney bought 100 pink tapes and wrote some pretty cool music to put on them. Joel Gomez joined the band when he heard them practicing and decided to promptly walk into the room and introduce himself. After playing a few well-attended local shows, their self-titled debut cassette was released in July of 2012. Layla Gibbon, editor of Maximum Rocknroll called the release "an essential new piece of Midwestern hardcore, the eternal sound of rage and disappointment", and the band was thrilled. After taking a short break in the fall, drummer Jared Sather joined the group. Total Trash came back into the writing process and recorded once again in January 2013 for the upcoming cassette "You Don't Try" will be released March 14, 2013.



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Total Trash with Nilbodies, The ILLS, Video Ranger

Monday, September 30 · Doors 9:00 PM at Gabe's