D.I., Battalion of Saints, Naked Aggression, Stop Breathing, Somali Pirates, Glue Gun

D.I. is a Southern California punk band featuring ex-Adolescents and Social Distortion drummer Casey Royer on vocals. Royer formed the group after he and former Social Distortion original member Rikk Agnew (also formerly of Christian Death), left the original Mike Ness crew.

Since forming in 1982, D.I. has had many line-up changes and Royer has been the only constant member of the band. They almost usually consist of former members of The Adolescents and Social Distortion (including the Agnew brothers Rikk and Alfie). The band has continued to work to this day, although they have been inactive perodically, which include the band going on hiatus between albums. During their years of touring and recording albums, D.I. never gained a large mainstream success, but they have influenced many of today's later punk rock groups, including F.T.E.,[1] Face to Face, Guttermouth, Jughead's Revenge,[2] The Offspring and Pennywise.[3] Members of the band also joined up with Daddy X and The Dirtball of the Kottonmouth Kings, to create the punk rock/hip-hop group The X-Pistols, in 2010.

D.I. are typical of '80s Orange County, California punk -- aggressive and fast, yet melodic, with a sneering, sarcastic attitude permeating nearly all their material. Such a basic style has undoubtedly helped keep the group's sound fairly steady over its myriad lineup changes; vocalist Casey Royer has been the group's one constant. D.I.'s 1981 debut, Team Goon, featured future guitarist John Bosco on bass, soon-to-be Adolescents guitarist Rikk Agnew, drummer Derek O'Brien, and further contributions from guitarists Steve Roberts and Tim Maag, plus bass from engineer Fredric Taccone. Ancient Artifacts followed in 1984, and then the well-crafted Horse Bites Dog Cries in 1985; when D.I. switched from the Reject label to Triple X in 1986, the latter reissued all of their previous output. With a lineup centered around Royer and Bosco, D.I. delivered their first album for Triple X in 1988, What Good Is Grief to a God? 1989 witnessed the release of Tragedy Again, which proved to be the band's last album of new material until 1994, when they resurfaced on the Doctor Dream label with State of Shock

Battalion of Saints

The Battalion of Saints is a legendary punk band formed in 1980 out of San Diego, Ca. Their deep impression left on music scene is still influencial, and regarded as one of the original icons and pioneers of hardcore punk. After several line up changes, due to the tragic deaths of various members throughout the years, front man and mainstay George Anthony reformed Batts with members of Total Chaos and The Spooky. Their brutal sound and talented line up continues to stay true to their hardcore punk roots and sound, with fast and furious tracks that bring the adrenaline and raw power out of the volatile combination.

Naked Aggression

Naked Aggression was formed in Madison, WI by Guitarist/Song Writer Phil Suchomel and Singer Kirsten Patches in early 1991, during the Gulf War. They where both classical music students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who were discontent with the confines of a conservative music department, So, they started jamming together in the dingy basement of their house in the student ghetto. They had an array of people play bass and drums with them. About a year later they left Madison and moved out to California and spent nine months up in the East Bay/ San Francisco area. For the past three years they've based themselves in L.A. Recently Joe Garcia joined them on Bass and Aaron Austin joined them on Drums.

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