Yarn w/ Liebermonster

Since their start in 2007, Yarn’s original Americana sound has developed into music that seekers of the unique see as the soundtrack to their lives. Yarn’s first four albums were recognized by the AMA’s and R&R radio charts, spending time in the top 5 at their highest point. Yarn has become one of the hardest-working and harder-touring bands for this generation’s digital natives and new music folllowers.

2012 brings this grammy-nominated roots band into the music revolution, inspired by today’s music devotee’s hunger for artists to believe in and follow, they are giving it to the fans everyday in everyway possible. Yarn’s devotion to their fans is realized in online and social sharing of their music, whether it’s daily video posts, premiering fresh songs on local radio, or performing live in small town venues across the country. They are bringing songs to American music lovers, and the music lovers are responding.

Yarn’s devoted followers, affectionately called the “Yarmy”, answered the band’s request for aid when they funded their new record through Kickstarter. Raising in excess of $5000 of the $15,000 needed, the “Yarmy” proved their allegiance to Yarn and their music being heard in 2012.

The fans have spoken, and on March 20th, Yarn releases their new album, Almost Home, produced by the multi-Grammy winning, Bil VornDick, who has worked with Alison Krauss, Ralph Stanley, Bob Dylan and many others. VornDick came across a Yarn performance at “Music City Roots”, Nashville’s progessive live music show that showcases some of the best of the Americana music scene. Although they didn’t come together that night, VornDick and his wife heard Yarn on a Virginia radio live remote a few days later as they were traveling. VornDick decided it must be a sign and the rest is Yarn history.

Yarn’s mojo continues to provide as they will be making their first appearance at SXSW in the New Frontier Showcase, and traveling in the “On the Fly” RV, courtesy of their 2012 sponsorship with Firefly Vodka. “It seems every good connection leads to another,” says Christiana, “our fan following has really put us in a place to get noticed and we want to repay them for the huge faith in us.” Yarn’s good karma keeps building, being in the right place at the right time. They were recently featured on CNN’s Out Front, during a cover story on Firefly Distilleries. The band just happened to be in town and their music made a believer out of CNN host, Erin Burnett, who, (as she sings along with the band), proclaims, “They are playing good music and living the American dream. We think Yarn is going to make it big!”

Yarn is led by singer/songwriter and cult-master, Blake Christiana, who carries the torch for the fan-following that will transport Yarn into the promised land. “Our fans are like family. We are so grateful to people that love music and will help support us in creating it. It’s just remarkable,” Christiana says. “That’s half of my love of the road; we’ve got what feels like family in tons of cities across America.”

Yarn’s devoted “family” has them following in the fine tradition of The Grateful Dead and Widespread Panic, whose fans will go to any length to see them live, and this year Yarn’s fans will see them plenty. Their rigorous tour schedule has them out on the road for more than 150 dates per year since 2007 and they are not slowing down.

For Yarn, discussion of life on the road goes right back to the audience and the fan’s benevolence. “They want us to survive and to keep creating music, so they will bring us into their homes, let us sleep in their beds, cook for us...the level of generosity is unbelievable,” says Christiana. The Yarn sextet doesn’t hold back when it comes to rewarding their followers for their loyalty. “We are so exposed to our fans...we don’t sit on the bus or hide in the green room, we are hanging out, drinking beer with them, going out after the show...if anyone wants to get to know us on a more personal level, it’s very easy,” admits Christiana. They also make sure that all their live shows are recorded and online for fans freely. “We have been doing that for a few years, and the fans love it,” says Christiana, “whatever it takes, we want to do for anybody that comes out to our shows.”

Is there a mark of success for Yarn? Christiana states it well, “To live comfortably and make music for our fans. I just want to be able to do what I love and eat...so maybe I’m already there,” he laughs, “we want to make good music and hopefully that makes someone else’s life better.”

Stay tuned, 2012 looks like Yarn may unravel the American dream.


Half-man, half monster? Perhaps, but we're not talking about any senators from Connecticut. Liebermonster, a dynamic project featuring the funky, creative work of five Front Range musicians, will have you growling for more. Liebermonster's sound fuses irresistible funk grooves with influences from rock, Latin, jazz and electronica. You might even catch the occasional Yiddish folk or video game lick, carried over from Liebermonster's diverse backgrounds. Saxophone player Brandon Barski fronts the band with cleverly crafted melodies and harmonies. Guitarist Shane Lieberman (the man behind the monster) wails, adding often unexpected layers to the sound. Eric Bloom (keys), Carey Joliffe (bass), and Jim Copeland (drums) lock it in to form Liebermonster's tight, hard-driving rhythm section. Since opening for acclaimed funk group Soulive in May 2009, Liebermonster has brought raving audiences in Colorado to their feet.

Shane Lieberman (Guitar and Vocals)

Shane has been playing guitar, writing music and performing for over 15 years. He has toured the country with various bands and taken part in many recordings. Shane brought Liebermonster together in late 2008 and early 2009 to focus on original composition, musicianship, recording and making noise.

Brandon Barski (Saxophone and Vocals)

A veteran sax player of nearly 17 years, Brandon holds a B.A. in Music from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA. He has studied classical and jazz theory, composition, jazz performance, vocal performance, participated in numerous performing groups, and lent his talents to several albums. He is currently pursuing a career in video game music composition, and hopes to one day be well known as both a composer and session musician.

Carey Joliffe (Bassist)
Originally from New York, Carey has traveled the across the US, Europe and Asia with his bass in tow absorbing musical influences wherever he's gone. For the past 23 years music has taken him on a journey from Rock to Jazz to Funk to Bluegrass to Hawaiian to Reggae to Irish Trad to Electronica to Avant Garde Noise. Carey sights the Freemasons, Warner Brother's cartoons and beer as his biggest musical influences.

Eric Bloom (Keys)

Eric has taken a long musical path to Liebermonster that exposed him to everything from classical to jazz to Bossa Nova to Yiddish folk music. For now, funk is where the heart is, and Eric has found a good home with Liebermonster. Originally from Boston, Eric can be found dangling from a rope two hundred feet up a canyon when not jamming with these guys.

Jim Copeland (Drums)

Jim has been playing drums for over 20 years. He has immersed himself in many genres including jazz, funk, fusion, rock, reggae, blues, Latin and pop.

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Yarn w/ Liebermonster

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