The Appleseed Collective

The Appleseed Collective

Mix the Hot Club of Paris with the sweaty soul of Dixieland, a couple blades of bluegrass, a pinch of ragtime beat, and a western swinging swagger and you've just conjured the sound of The Appleseed Collective.

Lauren Carder and The Multiple Me

Greetings! I am Lauren Carder and the Multiple Me, and I will share some about my-selves now with yourselves! I tend to write acoustic music that fits into many different genres, dealing mainly with self exploration, personal demons (equipped with police sirens), and other intimate revelations. Multiple Me comes from the concept of multiplicity within oneself, that we are not one whole being, but actually consist many fragments. (Its one of the reasons we are so crazy me thinks!) I try to present darker concepts in a fun and playful way. And love to play and sing anywhere, and anytime! (Even in my sleep!) So sit back, and enjoy the ride!


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Will's Pub


The Appleseed Collective with Pickens Ivey, Lauren Carder and The Multiple Me, Slickwood

Thursday, November 7 · 8:00 PM at Will's Pub