Sarah Borges Band, Girls, Guns, and Glory

Sarah Borges Band

Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles had a hell of a run, with hard-charging shows, a slew of snappy country-rock albums, and well-earned national attention to show for the roughly seven years they spent together. At some point, however, the realities of a hardworking, low-earning touring band in a sputtering economy became just that – realities – and so did other needs, from stability to family commitments, enter the picture. “I think we all hit a place where it was time to stop. We ran out of money. Everyone was living on peanut butter sandwiches,” Borges told The Patriot Ledger in a recent catch-up chat. “We’d gotten nice write-ups in the New York Times and Rolling Stone, and I don’t know if we could have broken through if we’d kept going. But it just wasn’t sustainable, emotionally or financially. Two of the [Broken Singles] are 10 years older than me and had things they wanted to do. We all parted the best of friends.” To a casual observer who knew Taunton-bred Borges only as a road warrior – and the steadily mounting critical buzz she’d garnered over several strong albums and tours – the end of 2010 looked like a hiatus. In reality, she’d kept on, only with far different priorities to hold her: she married Broken Singles guitarist Lyle Brewer in September 2010, and then the following summer of 2011, gave birth to son Elliott, now nearly 2. “August 2010 was our last tour as the Broken Singles,” she recalls. “Lyle and I had our wedding and enjoyed that time of life for a bit, and then being pregnant was a whole other crazy experience. I did play right up until the month I had my son, intermittently, and then stopped. But then again, we started making the new record when Elliott was three months old. I did want to keep up some kind of continuum.” Borges’ live dates have become more frequent again. Though the Broken Singles no longer perform – save for the occasional reunion, usually around Thanksgiving – she is playing full-band shows.

Girls, Guns, and Glory

Girls Guns & Glory blends a variety of sonic concoctions under the umbrella of Americana. Their country twang mixed with the genuine sentiment of rock and folk captures the attention of all listeners who can appreciate catchy, yet thoughtful tunes.

Drawing off of their varied influences, they smoke through tunes with reckless abandon- swirling together swing jams, crazy punk beats, rockabilly stomps, mariachi trumpets, and tons of other elements that shake you out of your chair and onto the dance floor in a way you can't resist.

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Sarah Borges Band, Girls, Guns, and Glory

Friday, January 10 · 9:00 PM at Cafe Nine

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