Far East Side

Rejecting the gluttony of the 80s, the self-awareness of the 90s, and the passing fads of today, Far East Side looks to the future through the eyes of the past proving that time is merely a social construct.

Vince Azure

Vince Azure is a 23-year-old Singer/Songwriter from New York City who has had one thing on his mind since he first picked up a guitar at age 10; that is to be the most prolific and successful Recording Artist of his time.

Growing up in New York City meant Vincent was exposed to an abundance of different styles of music from early on. His influences range from John Mayer to 30 Seconds to Mars to Michael Buble. His different tastes in music make listening to his original songs quite an experience. Vincent’s music finds its home in the pop/rock category, but he is always eager to incorporate elements from the many different styles that he has drawn influence from; making sure his songs stand apart from all the rest. Vincent strives to write songs of quality in every way. His songs not only catch the ear, but they are rich in both their lyrical and musical components, carefully crafted and yet full of spontaneity and emotion. Vincent takes pride in writing songs that people can easily relate to. It is his hope that the music he makes will unite people everywhere and give them something to believe in.

Vincent also makes sure that he packs an equal amount of passion and vitality into every single one of his live performances. He has worked very hard at sharpening his vocal and guitar playing abilities, incorporating many different styles and always striving to grow as a musician. It is Vincent’s fierce passion for the music he plays that gives him a unique, indefinable quality that manifests itself both on stage and in the studio. It is this passion that keeps Vincent steadfast on the path to success. For Vincent, music is everything.

Vincent has been performing at several reputable venues in New York City for the past year, which includes Café Vivaldi and the famed Sidewalk Café. He will continue to grow as a songwriter and performer, winning over his audiences and preparing to make the leap to become a Major Label Recording Artist.

Michelle Newman

Michelle Newman returns to the New York music scene bringing fresh, hook-laden songs that combine a rock/pop sound with elements of soul and blues. With influences ranging from Stevie Wonder to Janis Joplin, Michelle Newman composes raw, catchy melodies that correspond with their poetic lyrics. Born in Brooklyn, raised in Jersey, Michelle eventually settled in New York City. Impacted by classic rock legends from very early on, (her parents took her to her first Pink Floyd concert at age 5), music was a constant in her life. Michelle began playing the violin at 4, the piano by 7, the saxophone by 10, and the drums by 14. But it was when she traded in her sax for her first guitar that Michelle's true passion materialized. She slowly began playing in small bars and clubs around Manhattan and was greeted with strong local acclaim. It was only when she moved to Los Angeles that she decided to take her music to the next level, constantly reworking her material and seeking a team of talented musicians to bring the songs to life. In 2004, she teamed up with co-writer/producer Tre Carn (Ice T), and together they built a solid catalog of songs. Soon after, they put together a band, The Newman Project, recorded a full length album, and played throughout the LA club scene. In 2006, however, Michelle decided to pull the plug on the band and re-record as a solo artist. She teamed up with producer Jason "J-Money" Kirk (Optimus), and together they recorded a self titled, 4 song EP. In March of 2008, Michelle returned to her beloved New York and hit the club scene immediately. In Spring 2011, Michelle plans to put out her recently comlpeted EP entitled "If." Check back in for upcoming show dates. Here's what some critics have said: "Michelle Newman has a dynamic texture to her voice. Whether Michelle is singing a straight rock tune like "Pay it Forward", or a down and dirty number like" Jack Daniels," the emotion always rings true. -- Carolyn Fox, host of the syndicated music show "KHZ Radio with Carolyn Fox." "Newman has a very troubling Joplin-ish, Joe Cocker desperation with vocals that jump right out and bite you, building and breaking like the never ending surf. . . it's very good. Ruben Macblue, Editor, Rock City News.

The best songs speak to us about our lives, joys and dreams. They relate to us and become the soundtracks of our lives. Battle Maiden was the idea of Maude Wiltshire. The original translation of Maude is "Female Warrior". She wanted to put together great rock songs that touched peoples lives, that they could relate to, sing along too and know that they weren't alone. A source of strength. All the songs are based on Maude's life journey. If you are on a life journey, and aren't we all, you should be listening to her music.

All the bases are covered; Sweet Kiss is about younger years and relationships, Burn the City Down is a statement of power to the world and taking your future into your own hands, Pleasure to Please is about…well its aptly titled, Big Apple Dreams talks about having your dreams, holding tightly and finding success on your own terms. But wait, it continues; Motherhood is talked about in Ernesto's Heart, Field of Ghosts brings the hauntings of our past and Restless and Discontent…those nights when you can't sleep, tossing and turning…Ride with Us a song inviting you to the journey.
And you should, you know…take that journey with Battle Maiden. That's what its all about. And that's why this is important, don't you think?
dYou, your journey and the music that carries you through. We'll be there with you, cheering you on,

Maude and Joe have written the music, Their musical connection is magical. Roger adds his expertise on the drums, and directing things to a new level. For the musicians in the group, they have a chemistry all their own, one which they havent been able to replicate anywhere else.

Who is it like - Think all the greats...Maude has been described as sounding like Joan meets Pat...Add Joes influences, Keith Richards, Ron Wood and Dickie Betts. Roger comes from a sophisticated jam band background and his ability to mesh with Maude and Joe is uncanny.

In short, we're on a journey with our fans. And its been an awesome ride. Love you guys...



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