Don DiLego, Misisipi Mike

Don DiLego

"New York City's emerging folk-twang songsmith, Don DiLego, is alt-country's next poster boy." Rolling Stone

"Don DiLego is a storyteller who invokes vivid imagery in the vein of Johnny Cash." Northeast Performer Magazine

" ....rustic, accessible ballad that would sound right blaring from a pickup truck on a darkening highway....DiLego is cut from the same cloth as performers like Wilco and the Avett Brothers € his songs take country ballads one step beyond their obvious conclusion, yielding a genre-bending hybrid of indie rock and country." NY Indie Music

DiLego brings an alt-country sensibility to an urban landscape: “The street lights are breathing hard, and the crowd shakes far beneath my feet, he sings in a soaring chorus that recalls Dion as much as Jackson Browne. That fusion of country lilt and old-fashioned rock muscle, along with lyrics that don't settle for the usual tropes, make Western and Atlantic‚ a keeper. Peter Chianca, Gatehouse News

"“From the EP's opener, the slide guitar driven Midnight Train to the final track, the intimate Carry On he touches base with Jeff Tweedy and Howe Gelb. Television Sun starts like an outtake of Neil Young's Harvest Moon before evolving into a road movie theme song that could have been written by Steve Earle." Hans Werksman, Here Comes The Flood

"The Holiday"€ has a lovely melody reminiscent of gospel-soul, but features a weeping steel guitar and harmonica, while the ghostly piano, distorted guitars, and Beach Boys harmonies of €œ"Lonely Couples" would have fit beautifully on Wilco's Summerteeth. " - David Lifton, Popdose

"The resulting “what-you-hear-is what-you-get sort of affair is a solid product that both mesmerizes and enlightens." Joe Ross, CD Insight

"From lonesome heartachers to smart, sparkly, alt-country pop, Don DiLego's brand of sometimes subdued, sometimes punchy twang-rock finds it's true north on "Photographs of 1971." Volume up!" Kate Bradley, XM Radio

"The disc recaptures the rhythm of 70's movies and photographs, as well as DiLego's own distinct take on alt-country." David Dye / The World Cafe, WXPN

Misisipi Mike

"Misisipi" Mike Wolf is an American singer, songwriter and musician. He currently resides in San Francisco, Calif.. His music has been compared to that of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings.

The California Sons

Take a heavy dose of Americana, add a shot or two of Whiskey, and you have the The California Sons, a fast-rising quartet from the Bay Area.

With two guitars, bass and drums, The California Sons began as an acoustic, bluegrass-influenced duet comprised of acclaimed singer/songwriter/recording artist Erik Olsen,
and a legend-in-his-own-mind Eric Schultz. Several years later, drummer Eric Getter and bassist Nate Pease came on board. Schultz says, "each person in the band comes from a different musical realm, which gives the group a unique mix. The group sings three and four part harmonies, and trades off lead vocals too.

So, we've kind of taken all our influences and put them together. It's what we lovingly call bluegrass-folk-rock-americana with a shot of whiskey."

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Don DiLego, Misisipi Mike with The California Sons

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