First Blush makes genre-bending synthpop, combining ethereal electronic elements with strong, catchy melodies and riffs. Their debut, self-titled EP is as contained in form as it is sprawling in content. First Blush’s influences include M83, The Who, and The Flaming Lips, among others.

The Dead Bums

June 2011... in a hot filthy attic, the benevolent and brilliant multi-instrumentalist (Steve Nurge) resurrected his fallen friend (Michael Browne)...

Together with broken instruments, budding ideas, and sonic catharsis, they began. After several months of spent beer bottles and jimmy rigged air conditioners, they where on their way. Add in Mike Preen on the Upright Bass and you have the Dead Bums.

Soapbox Army

Dan Tucker - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Basile - Bass
Simon Fishburn - Drums, Samples, Background Vocals

Soapbox Army is a rock band, formed in 2008 in New York. Their self-titled debut was released in April 2009, combining elements of modern rock, alt rock and folk. It went on to garner many positive reviews as the band began playing shows all over the New York area including headlining gigs in prominent NYC venues.

The band continued to write new material, and in March 2011, they went into the studio to start recording their second album, Reactor. They worked with producer Little Pioneer (Craig Levy) in Brooklyn NY, who also produced their debut. With the new album, the band looked to expand their sound and their dynamics, while at the same time making the songs tighter and more concise. The result was a decidedly more “rock” album than the first – Reactor combines hard rock with atmospheric, folk and electronic textures, creating a dynamic sense of mood. Without completely overhauling their sound, they evolved it into something bigger.

Reactor was released in April 2012. The band is currently promoting the album with shows all around the NYC region with touring and festival plans in development for the near future. They are also preparing material for a follow up EP (to be released early 2014).

Clementine and the Galaxy


Clementine & The Galaxy’s whirling blend of soaring vocals and synth-driven art-pop has earned them a reputation as one of indie music’s fastest rising acts. The NYC-based duo of vocalist Julie Hardy and guitarist/producer Mike MacAllister has already captured the attention of critics such as Time Out New York, MTV Iggy, The Huffington Post, AOL Spinner, Brightest Young Things and The Deli Magazine (which ranked the band one of their top Emerging Artists for 2012 and 2013). With the band’s self-titled debut EP (featuring their single "Robot" just released Clementine & The Galaxy is poised to become one of the year's breakthrough artists.

Front-woman Julie Hardy is a professional singer who has performed live with Ellie Goulding on Saturday Night Live, St. Vincent on David Letterman, and in countless television commercials and films. She is also the voice of the College Humor's viral sensation "Look At This Instagram". A jazz vocalist by training, Hardy is a successful solo artist who has received rave reviews from the New York Times, Time Out New York, Downbeat and Jazz Times. In addition to her work as a performer, Hardy also teaches Vocal Jazz at New York City’s prestigious The New School.

Clementine & The Galaxy owes its crisp and ethereal sound to producer/composer Mike MacAllister. His music has been featured in multiple ad campaigns including those for XBox, Nike, and Levis, and has scored multiple films including “Freakonomics: The Movie” and “The Spirit of Laxmi,” which premiered Tribeca Film Festival.

Clementine and the Galaxy is represented by Songs Music Publishing (


As a classically trained pianist who grew up in the age of 90s club music, it's no wonder Janna Pelle combines elements of pop, rock, and soul with danceability so effectively.

Originally from Miami, Florida, Janna was enrolled in piano lessons at the age of 6 because of anatomical abnormalities in her hands. Janna's parents told her piano teacher, Rachel Currea, that they didn't care if Janna learned to play a single piece by the end of the year, it was just important for her to exercise her hands. Janna has been playing piano ever since, and could not imagine her life without it. "People always ask me if my hands make it difficult for me to play piano, but they're actually the reason I play piano," Janna says.

After four years at the University of Florida, Janna accomplished a tremendous amount academically and musically. She started a band, Janna Pelle and the Half-Steps, a four-piece blues/funk/soul group with a pop sensibility. They played frequently in venues around Gainesville, recorded two studio albums, and were the house band for many University of Florida events. With a major in creative advertising, Janna graduated with the experience and confidence to enter the music world and attempt the hardest sell of all - herself.
Janna now lives in Brooklyn, New York, and recently released her album, "Shameless Self-Promotion," an alternative-pop album filled with catchy hooks, danceable beats and clever lyrics. A fearless performer, Janna never fails to captivate the crowd with her piano playing, dancing, and new and inventive surprises that are both seductive and sarcastic. Her blog, appropriately titled, "Know Your Audience," discusses the relationship between music, advertising, and combining the two effectively in order to achieve a connection between the artist and those that will appreciate them most. Janna has also directed her very own Makeshift Popstar music videos - a series of low-budget yet high-creativity music videos homemade for YouTube - making Janna the world's first ever DIY-indie-popstar.

Come to live shows sparkly and ready to dance your can off. Channel your inner rock star; it's a better way of life.
We look forward to seeing you...



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