Manwell Goodspeed, The Middle Eight, Violet Machine, Generations, GoodBye Picasso (solo)

Manwell Goodspeed

Primarily focused as an indie rock trio, Manwell Goodspeed infuses the long lost raw tone of grunge with rolling melodies that captivate to generate their signature sound. Based out of Williamsburg, the band draws on the energy of the Brooklyn scene, yet the sound they deliver is neither governed nor contained by the milieu from which it arises. While Manwell maintains its own sonic identity, one may note their musical influences shining in the details; a core of solid rock vis-à-vis the Chili Peppers along with an exploratory approach to songwriting with all the boldness of The Flaming Lips. As does Nirvana, the trio produces songs that convey an emotional depth yet all the while keep it interesting and hip in the vein of Beck.

The Middle Eight

The Middle Eight makes music for your brain and your ears. The New York-based outfit brings classical sensibilities to an indie rock context, building textured, even orchestral layers of sound. Strange Loop, their newest release, is an exploration of sonic combinations that is at once catchy and unpredictable, drawing on influences ranging from Romantic sonatas to 1970s art-rock.

Violet Machine

Violet Machine is a post-punk/indie four-piece. Based in NYC, they are known for guitar driven, dark soundscapes with bleak lyrics and hook driven riffs. Violet Machine radiates the feeling you have when you’re sitting home alone on a Saturday night, finishing your fourth glass of whiskey, thinking about life. Violet Machine is simultaneously to the point, yet nebulous. A hazy, ill-defined truth.


A father/son led progressive group blending jazz, blues, U.S. folk, Brazilian, latin music and more. With many originals, some lyrics by poets like Langston Hughes, Pablo Neruda. Tight 2 & 3 part harmony, outstanding male/female lead vocalists, a virtuoso guitarist: music for the mind, body and spirit!

Mike Glick performed for many years leading a 5 and 6 piece ensemble with strong reviews in The New York Times, Newark Star-Ledger, etc. and overseas (Avante, Lisbon; Odigitis, Athens...). Pete Seeger has called him "one of the best songwriters going." Mike retired to raise a family, but is once again performing, now with his son.

Aleksi Glick studied with a Who's Who list of guitar wizards like Vic Juris, Paul Bollenback and Pat Martino. He graduated from Peabody Conservatory with the Charlie Byrd scholarship in guitar. In addition to playing with Generations he leads a jazz ensemble which performs in the Emerging Artists Series at The Bar Next Door, a top NYC jazz venue, and he co-leads BAM, a rock group which has played most of NYC's Village clubs.

Joy Hanson, Generations newest member, is at her core a jazz vocalist, but has performed in a wide range of styles. Her singing has been compared to the vocals of Corinne Bailey Rae and Esperanze Spalding.

GoodBye Picasso (solo)

Sure to put on a show this evening will be the boys from Goodbye Picasso. They will be releasing their debut album "The Book of Aylene" after selling out shows over the last year with the concept music off this anticipated album. Be sure to check them out.


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Manwell Goodspeed, The Middle Eight, Violet Machine, Generations, GoodBye Picasso (solo)

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