Hi-Dive's One and Ten Year Anniversary

"The Hi-Dive is one of the most important new venues in town and the only place for hip new bands to be heard and seen. – Denver Post"

A. Tom Collins

A. Tom Collins and his band are an act hard to pigeon-hole, navigating the murky swamps of New Orleans R&B and '60s Soul, and following the cues of diverse inGluences from Tom Waits and Cab Calloway, to The Stooges and Sam Cooke. A. Tom Collins drops anchor with an impressive crash at each and every port, transfixing bewildered audiences with its strange brand of old time futurism that is as familiar as it is refreshing. Expect wild horns, surprising rhythms, catchy gang chants, and one hell of a live show led by piano-man Aaron Collins, whom Denver's alt-weekly Westword called 'one of the city's best front-men.'

In its short history, A. Tom Collins has been a featured headliner the Denver Post Underground Music Showcase in 2011/12/13, made appearances at SXSW 11/12/13, Denver's Westword Music Showcase 2010 to 13, Snowball Music Festival 2012 in Vail, the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheater, Bohemian Nights Festival in Ft. Collins, New Belgium's Tour de Fat, and toured the European continent this past summer with dates in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France, and the UK.

They have shared bills with notable acts such as Alabama Shakes, Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Sally Ford And The Sound Outside, March Fourth Marching Band, Nathaniel Rateliff, and the late, great T-Model Ford. This fall of 2013,the band hits the road in support of their debut full-length 'Stick & Poke', produced by the legendary Bob Ferbache(Slim Cessna's Auto Club/16 Horsepower), is available now on CD,12" Vinyl, and digitally everywhere. South West and West Coast dates TBA soon.

The fucking best band EVER in the history of recorded music. There maybe was a band better before the advent of music recording technology, but not since. Zebroids, fuck you.

Empty Palace

"Some say Judas Priest lost their metal-lovin' minds when they decided to let synthesizers seep into their sound circa 1985's Turbo. Empty Palace could not care less. The Los Angeles outfit takes classic metal songcraft, NWOBHM bombast, and the chiseled precision of Reagan (Thatcher?) Era stadium rock—then they ram it down your unsuspecting
throat. But frontman Patrick Houston and drummer Jason Walker (formerly of Denver legends Brainhammer and Angels Never Answer, among sundry other acts of sonic tomfoolery) don't stop there. Lo and behold, the group's debut EP blends the mythopoeic majesty of '80s Blue Öyster Cult—yeah, the new-wave sounding stuff that's way, way better than you remember—with melody, dynamism, and even hints of balladry. Like the iron fist of an android knight, it pummels with the single-minded purity of deathless life. Call it turbo-injected, if you wish." - Snappy Little Numbers

The Photo Atlas

The Photo Atlas is a high-powered, enterprising alternative rock band hailing from Denver, Colorado. Melding together the fast tempo and blistering guitars of punk rock, with the undeniable edginess of indie rock and the perfectly punctual melodies of dance rock, The Photo Atlas truly delivers one of the most unique sounds in the industry. Top that off with intelligent and thought-provoking lyrics
belted out by Andrews’ one-of-a-kind voice and you have an absolutely unstoppable band. Formed in 2004, the band is the creation of longtime childhood friends and gifted musicians Andrews, Threlkeld, and Hawkins, whose only goal was to create and share the music that dwelled in their souls. After experimenting with different drummers, the band solidified its lineup with the addition of Taylor at the beginning of 2011 and The Photo Atlas has never sounded better.
A do-it-yourself band in the purest sense of the words, The Photo Atlas has never required the assistance of anyone else in the industry. A stint on Stolen Transmission Records in 2007 saw the release of their first full length album "No, Not Me, Never" and the band busted out on to the national scene. Shortly after the label went under, and the band had no problem returning to its independent roots. Playing by their own rules, sticking to their tough musical standards, and never compromising their art or passion, the men of The Photo Atlas can proudly say that they have consistently and unfalteringly followed their hearts throughout their entire career- and it has paid off. In 2009 they released the cleverly titled "To Silently Provoke The Ghost" EP which received a hard-to-beat four star review in Alternative Press magazine.
The Photo Atlas has received countless awards and recognitions, both regionally and nationally, including snagging a spot on SXSW’s “Best 100 Bands to Watch” compilation; being featured as the Band Of The Day on Spin.com; getting listed in AP Magazine’s “22 Best Underground Bands That Won’t Stay Underground For Long”; being chosen as one of the top 100 “Feed the Beat” bands by Taco Bell; winning Westword’s “Best Post Punk Band” four years in a row; and becoming a finalist in KTCL’s Hometown For The Holidays. The Photo Atlas has also performed numerous times at the famed SXSW Music Conference in Austin and CMJ in New York, as well as at the Winter X-Games, Mile High Music Festival, Monolith Music Festival, and Vans Warped Tour. In addition, the charismatic artists have shared the stage with powerhouse bands such as Jet, The Bravery, Portugal. The Man, Neon Trees, Tokyo Police Club, and many, many more.
2012 included three extraordinary shows at SXSW, during which the band dazzled every last person in Austin, the band continued on to complete an incredible east coast tour. Touted for their magnificent live performance, The Photo Atlas never disappoints an audience, giving every show 110% and leaving nothing behind on stage but shoe scuffs and sweat drops. The band came back to Colorado and finished up their brand new full length album, "Falling For A Honeytrap", which will unleash some of their fastest, boldest, most dance worthy tracks to date. Delving into the world of synthesizers and keyboards, the new music of the Photo Atlas takes a walk on the darker side, while still retaining the fun, upbeat attitude of records past. Due for release early 2013. The band also was awarded the Independent Music on Tour program from the state of Colorado. Now with the state behind them, the forthcoming release, coupled with a daring new music video and an undoubtedly packed tour schedule, 2013 promises to crystalize The Photo Atlas’ dominant position in the music scene and ensure ever-growing success.

Git Some

We like to play Rock music. We like to have a hell of a good time. We play Rock Concerts in bedrooms, basements, garages, l"living" rooms, hallways, bars, clubs, theaters, both indoors…AND outdoors. We have a Rock record called “Cosmic Rock”, and it was released late in the summer of 2008 by 1234go! Records, of Oakland California. We are also on a split 7inch record with our good friend Mike Hale and his band, “In the Red”’ also released by 1234go! Records. We done many tours, most recently a two-month tour of Europe in the Fall of 2008. We made so many awesome new friends, and met some absolutely amazing people. No doubt we will continue to do so. We are once again touring the west coast beginning on May 20th at the Atomic Cantina, in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico. Please see the tour dates below. Drop us a line, and we will write you back. Come to a show and say howdy. We will prolly look like a bunch of dirty scumbags, but we really like to meet new friends. We’re lovers, not fighters, but if you fuck with us, we will kick your fucken ass like a satanic ninja! We like to drink lots of coffee. We are into Hall and Oates. We will dance in your living room to Lee Perry at 3 a.m. We will cook you a hell of a breakfast if you let us sleep on your couch/floor/roomates bed. ..

"This one's almost all guitar - big, distorted, consuming guitar, the kind you have to brace yourself against." -Kiernan Maletsky, Westword


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