Rescue Kid, I Anthem, The Z Speaker, Southern Misconduct

Rescue Kid

In an age of surplus music and industry formulas, originality and timelessness have become something reminisced. Already finding a pulse in rock radio with their Billboard top 15 rock single Fighting Gravity, I Anthem aims to trace rock n roll's timeless roots.

"Trying to create genuine, original music, while drawing from the music we grew up with, has always been the intention of I Anthem," frontman, Tyler Edwards said.

Since 2009, the South Carolina based rock band has stayed true to pursuing that vision with the release of EPs "The Things Our Eye's Can't See," (2010) and "Not Afraid Not Alone," (2011). Edwards produces lyrics that wrestle with themes of hope, love, faith and unanswered questions, providing an enduring and humble framework for music that exudes empathy and thought provoking images. I Anthem's sound is further rounded out with the collective help of drummer, Tyler Bodkins; and guitarist, Nick Webb.

Compelled by infectious melodies and potent instrumentation, the transparency and emotion of I Anthem's songs will become ingrained in any listener, as seen in the release of their 2012 single, "Lonely Soul."

"I have always tried to write lyrics that are completely honest, in hopes that they will transcend myself and my personal experiences," Edwards said. "I have always seen music as a gift from God –– it is a way to break barriers and find hope in something greater than ourselves."

Determined to create songs that build community, I Anthem divides their time between touring, writing and recording. The band plans to release their first full-length record "West of Homeland," which features the hit single Fighting Gravity, in early 2014.

The nights in Los Angeles have an air about them that settles on the landscape like a fog resting just beyond the realm of perception. Within it, a gravity draws the denizens of the city and its surrounding communities in, dropping them like stones at the doors of the hundreds of clubs lining the streets.

On this balmy Friday night in West Hollywood, gravity releases a large number of Angelinos at the entrance to the city's premier rock venue, The Troubadour. Here, they have been inexorably drawn to bear witness a set by a musical force, born out of the deserts of the Inland Empire and unleashed upon the inner city with a relentlessness seldom equaled in the Southern California music scene.

Their name: Cromwell. Their goal: World Domination.



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Rescue Kid, I Anthem, The Z Speaker, Southern Misconduct with The Sweet Escape, Cromwell

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