When the Four of us awoke on the lush, untouched island, we were alone- each of us in his own remote corner of this cold and lonely place. We were on an island in a sea of islands- each one just out of our reach. We lived as vagrants on this tiny island, isolated from each other, slipping constantly across the slick, green surface of our new home- digesting and reflecting on the new point of view that our recent and sudden separation from humanity had afforded us. Inevitably, our paths would cross, and we would share with each other what we had experienced and learned. And when our Four Paths would meet in the same place, at the same time, our new perspectives and fears, and truths and ideas, would manifest in the form of Song, and rapidly become our only form of language- our individual instruments just different dialects of the last and only means and hope we have of real communication.

As King

Asking, to ask a question is to be As a King the question ire, to be As a King on a never ending quest for knowledge.

As King formed in November of 2011, However within a year and a half of As King being a band the lineup had to change. Dan was originally a fill in who ended up staying in the band until his project “Scitna” got off the ground again. He was soon replaced by former “Killmedia” lead Lawrence Herrera. Danny stuck around awhile and helped Larry with some of the parts and brainstormed some new ideas. Dan is an amazing person and musician who will be missed, but we also feel that Larry is a definite improvement to the band. Larry’s writing style, skill at leads and well everything else he contributes to the band was something that was greatly needed, and he was a perfect fit, at the perfect time. Keith our drummer was replaced by our good friend and “Mara” drummer Walter Lopez. Keith was content with his life and where it was going, the struggling musician thing wasn’t a part of his agenda anymore, he lost interest in the music and we had to move on. With the addition of Larry (guitar), Walter (Drums) the band is now heavier, faster, louder, and more technical than ever before. Matt writes heart pounding bass line with precision, while doubling as the manager of the band. In addition to performing with As King, Walter also performs with the band “Mara” which allows him to play with some life-long friends and keep his creative juices flowing. Chuck has experienced local notoriety while performing his contagiously catchy rhythms along with the right ferocity and crunch. Trent formally from “Hysteria Complex” an Arizona based band exudes an energetic sound who knows how to command an audience. His vocal sound allows for versatility and impact worth listening to. Finally Larry brings a bluesy, and thrashy feeling to the band while maintaining that same eerie psychedelic sound that Danny had. The combination of the different styles as well as the incompatible experience and dedication makes for an amazing new addition to the world of metal.

Element A440

Element a440 delivers an intelligent brand of Edgy, Hook-Heavy, Dark, Melodic, and Electronic rock that enthralls its listeners. Spreading from the band to the individual, the intense lyrics and seductive sounds merge with the mind and body, through the crowd like an epidemic until all are as one. A new album is currently in the works so expect many great things from Element a440 this year!

Faces of the Bog

Hailing from Humboldt Park on Chicago's west side, Faces of the Bog offer up a tasteful mix of doom, stoner, sludge and metal. Their philosophy was simple… get the four of them in a room together and see what happens. As time progresses, so does their music. Part of what makes FotB what it is, and what it will become, is each members' dedication to push harder and refine the compositions as well as their own personal talent levels. The devil is in the details. Their Aug 2012 demo seems fairly straight forward. But, upon closer examination, you can almost see the evolution just in those three songs. New, more dynamic, more cohesive and complex songs are already being written for an EP, expected to begin production in 2013. The only way to catch a preview of what's to come on the new disc is to see them live. Once you do, you'll know what what this project is all about.

Legions Of Raum

Melodic and classically inspired guitar riffs, pile driving speed drums, and raspy lead vocals create an intense overall sound that executes with a high energy performance that is not only heard on their recordings, but as well as on stage with much fan interaction.

Combining elements of melodic Death Metal, and their own unique style, LOR was originally created with a group of peers as a means to escape the tedious monotony of engineering school. At the start of 2009 the band entered the studio to record their first album, Burial Content, which was released later that same year.

In 2010, the band gained a new vocalist followed by new management in 2011. That same year, Legions of Raum entered Joy Ride Studios, and collaborated with Grammy nominee Nick Ledesma who produced, engineered, and mastered their second album.

Early 2012, a beast was born. "The Great Beast Evolved" to be exact.
That album quickly caught the attention of 105.5 WYKT's Tim Lamping, and the band was featured in an interview on his show: Homegrown Tones.

Mine Enemies Fall

Mine Enemies Fall is a metal band formed out of Kalamazoo MI in the fall of 2008. For the last two and a half years they have gained fans in five different states, releasing two albums and playing with bands such as Mastodon, Mushroomhead and Chimaira.

Their attitude of play anywhere anytime has helped create a crazy fan base! Anyone coming to a M.E.F show knows to expect blood and broken bones in the mosh pit. M.E.F has a high energy live show not touched by many bands they have played with.

Although often compared to Pantera and Lamb of God, M.E.F keeps their own brutal style not falling into the category of another rip off band. M.E.F fuses old school thrash with hardcore groove metal creating a lethal brand of extreme metal meant to break bones!!

Joe Sonntag-Vox, Alex Kelley-Guitar, Ian Mcgill-Guitar, Brian Strauss-Bass and Joe Earle-Drums combine for 30 years of experience. They are scheduled to record their third album in Feb. of 2011.

M.E.F looks to carry on the next wave of American Heavy Metal.

A Balance Of Power

A Balance of Power is always striving to be unparalleled in their song writing and stage performance abilities and have risen to the forefront of the Salt Lake City Metal Scene over the last 8 years. Laying foundation in 2004, A.B.O.P.'s core members include Chuck Stone on vocals, Chris Margetts on lead guitar, and local drum legend Marvin Dixon. After a few years of “weeding out the weak”, A Balance of Power picked up local death guitarist Shayne Garner in 2008 and soon after “Vo Dogg” Adam Fowler, bassist, fresh from the Denver scene in early 2009. It was then, the Beast was Born.

In 2009, A Balance of Power released their first EP entitled “Stomp The Ground” and quickly embarked on a two week tour in support of the release. Building a reputation for traveling, A.B.O.P. discovered that this was the formula. This mindset grabbed the attention of Jagermeister and A Balance of Power soon after joined forces with them to become Utah's first Jagermeister sponsored band.

Back on the road in early 2010, A Balance of Power embarked on it's second tour,
“Join The Rebellion” which would take them on a journey through 6 states in 3 weeks with 13 shows, with an appearance at The 2010 RockStar Mayhem festival alongside metal greats such as Shadow's Fall, Chamaira, Hatebreed, and Lamb of God.

2011 would prove to be even more fruitful with the release of “Pride Precedes The Fall.” This release earned rave reviews from the Salt Lake City scene, and off on tour in support they went. The 2011 “MetalJuana Tour” took the band for 2 weeks, 5 states, and 10 shows, with a 2nd performance on the 2011 Rockstar Mayhem Festival with Megadeth, MachineHead, Suicide Silence, In Flames, and Unearth.

This formula of release and tour, along with continuity between management and band, is the standard and will be the key to success as we push into 2012.

Mind Merchant

A full frontal METAL assault to the eyes and ears for fans around the world! MIND MERCHANT is an Original Rock/Metal Band based in Chicago, IL consisting of former members of Die Hard Till Death (DHTD), Circle of Fate, Nitrous Rockside, & Nemesis Theory. They are 5 seasoned and talented musicians that all have studio recordings, albums, videos and live shows/touring (local, regional, & national) to their credit. The originals they write are a collaborative effort inspired by and drawn from all of their musical influences. Just having finished recording an EP with engineer/co-producer Eric LaBrosse at Cherry Pit Studios located in Menomonee Falls, WI., the band is now ready to unleash the music and performance to live audiences across the nation! They just finished doing shows with Trapt and Ex-Anthrax guitar player Dan Spitz's new band Red Lamb, as well as a headlining show at the Legendary Brat Stop in Kenosha, WI.They are currently writing more songs and booking more shows with some of the biggest names and bands out there today! Songs "CRASH AND BURN", "PURSUIT", & "KILLER INSTINCT" getting picked up by various internet radio station across the world as well as Chicago/Milwaukee FM Rock Station 95 WIIL ROCK has played "PURSUIT". Their live show has been met with an overwhelming positive response. Many more live shows to come soon and bringing more of the same energy, songs, and total live experience that people have come to expect from this band!

Bare Knuckle Conflict

Bare Knuckle Conflict has been tearing up stages in the Midwest ever since late 2004. This high energy St. Louis area heavy and melodic metal band describes their sound as "in your face metal with a groove." BKC's intense live performances have drawn a hardcore following that continues to grow from venue to venue. All members of the band maintain a dedication and desire to promote their brand of metal far and wide. Creating a Bare Knuckle Conflict style through diverse backgrounds and influences allows for limitless potential. Recently signed to "Turkey Vulture Records" out of Brownsville Wisconsin. They are always working on new material and are currently recording their long awaited 2nd album. From the first single titled "Bare Knuckle Conflict" anyone with roots in heavy bands such as Tool, Machine Head, and Pantera can see why they attract such a loyal following.

One Steel Wound

On January 24, 2012, Mike Boyer and Dan Reitz met Brandon Castillo at a music store and began to form the band. They musically evolved over the following months and started establishing their own sound around the time when Gerard Ortiz joined the band to play bass. The mixture of different influences along with the shared mentality of heavy music helped create what you can hear today. In less than a year, One Steel Wound have gone on to open up for signed artists such as Drowning Pool, Mushroomhead, Tenafly Viper, and Affiance, as well as headline their own shows. The single of their upcoming EP, "The New Beginning" was released late may and hope that it continues to rise with the help of OSW fans.


Powerful and energetic hard rock band. Aggressive, rock and jazz influenced guitars, funky bass lines; strong drums beat with lots of double bass kicking and a sexy, female, front woman with a broad vocal range.



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