Oakland Music Festival After Party

Oakland Music Festival

Oakland is experiencing a resurgence of its culture capital. Launching the first annual Oakland Music Festival will highlight the musical talent locally and nationally.

The Oakland Music Festival (OMF) is ready to move forward and invites you to support what will be an amazing event highlighting local and regional music acts. OMF will look to further capture the city’s essence by featuring local artists and eateries.

Saturday, September 21, 2013 marks the launch of this exciting and new music festival. OMF is looking to provide an outlet for local performers eager to make their mark, or further stamp their growing influence, while integrating a select number of established acts, with a focus on those with local Bay Area roots. OMF is a one day, outdoor music festival featuring three stages. One of the two stages will be located indoors, at a 700 person capacity venue located in the heart of the festival.

OMF’s central, urban setting, located in the Uptown Oakland district, offers a unique backdrop, while also taking into consideration the public transit opportunities available within the immediate area (BART, Bus Lines and Ferries located within a few blocks of the event location).

OMF will support pre-event and post-event shows at local venues, expanding the opportunity for promotion and branding.

While the core mission of OMF is music-centric, the festival will feature food, beverage and art vendors, showcasing local artists and featuring local eateries, fashion designers and businesses.

Oakland is experiencing a resurgence of its culture capital. Launching the first annual Oakland Music Festival will highlight the musical talent locally and nationally.
Oakland ranked #5 top city to visit in the World- New York Times, Jan. 8 2012
May 2, 2013, the real estate website Movoto ranked Oakland as the most exciting city in America on its roster of the “The 10 Most Exciting Cities in America.

thePeople Oakland

Photo by Bryon Malik

thePeople started in November 2007 when some djs and music lovers realized a shared concern that the East Bay was overlooked as a taste making force. Oakland, with its history as a community of immigrants, transplants, leftists, same-gender-lovers, artists, and people of color, was an obvious place to create a gathering focused on creative community building through art and culture. thePeople quickly caught on and invigorated nightlife in the East Bay by with fresh dance music, fresh energy, and by mixing music, with other creative strands from visual arts, to dance, fashion and food. Guest artists created live paintings and photo mosaics. Local activists registered voters. Local chefs sold tasty grub. All the while, the djs were dropping forward looking soulful tracks from across a spectrum of genres. You could hear cutting edge bass driven broken rhythms folded into Afrobeat or Brazilian flavored tracks. Of course the sounds of hip-hop, and the Caribbean would be heard. But the tracks always came from the influential rather than the derivative commercial end of the record crate. Oceans of dancers sweating until the lights came on became a regular occurrence. Meanwhile, world class urban dance artists of any style were conjuring ciphers and artisan vendors displayed their jewelry and t-shirts. But, the hallmark of the party may not be any of these things. It may be the most any night at thePeople you will see old friends and meet some new ones.

thePeople takes place monthly, every 4th Saturday at The New Parish in downtown Oakland, California.


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Oakland Music Festival After Party with Hosted By, thePeople Oakland

Saturday, September 21 · 8:00 PM at The New Parish

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