Airport Novels

Airport Novels

Late nights soaked in cheap beer. Conversations flowing in cigarette smoke like lingering ghosts. Making new friends. Chasing hotties. Sleeping on a couch or floor or not sleeping at all. Driving the van until highways turn transparent. Rest stop sinks become showers. The intoxicating air surrounding a fresh day and a new town. Stomachs filled with dollar menus, anticipation and excitement. Eyes devouring the sights. Ears hungry for the sounds to come. Bodies sore from loading and unloading and loading and unloading and loading. But...the thrill happens during the in-between and it is a high unlike any other. Adrenaline. Sweat. The occasional blood. No complaints. This is why we are here. We hope to see you soon.



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The Riot Room


Airport Novels with Toy Instruments, Conflicts!

Wednesday, October 9 · 8:00 PM at The Riot Room