Boys School, Conway, Owl Fly South

Boys School

Recognized as one of the most skilled and stylistically original guitar players amongst the Los Angeles music scene, Detroit native Brett Farkas has been a major contributing force, playing for such influential artists/groups as Aaron Embry's psychedelic indie outfit, Amnion, legendary soul music icon, Solomon Burke (of whom he was nicknamed, "Cookieman") and most recently, acclaimed folk rockers, Lord Huron. After two years of heavy touring with Huron and masterminding the guitars on their breakthrough album, Farkas steps out to front Boys School, and delivers an exuberant, self-titled, debut album of sneering rock n' roll, addictive pop and thoughtful ballads.

With particular nods to early Elvis Costello, the Clash, Spoon and Harry Nilsson, and not to mention a wicked obsession for the savory sounds of the Swedish death pop supergroup, ABBA, the Boys School album clocks in at a brisk 34 minutes, yet it embodies a wide inclusiveness of inspiration - from early rock n roll, 70's glam and punk, to 90's college radio and the traditional song-smithery. Songs alternate between high charged abandon and meditative plateaus, often within the same tune, a testament to Farkas' strong belief in multi-faceted musical exploration. Lyrics navigate the pressure and release of frustration and heartbreak, coupled with wary hope and near manic longing for freedom, all snaking their way through a colorful, sometimes sunny, sometimes snarling, and often humorous landscape.

There is something undeniably, adolescently fun about Boys School, though a fun that's tempered by a very grownup sense of foreboding and a very old school appreciation of spirited musicality, especially felt in their live shows. In a an era of bands attempting to mimic their own recordings in live performance, playing along to pre-recorded tracks, Boys School takes the old road to reach new destinations.

"Musicality is being in the moment, playing the song to the means and capabilities of the group, and taking it to new places every time. And that's all that matters, that there's risk and intention behind it, energy. Nobody's gonna miss a thing if you're playing hard. And I mean "hard" not like loud and heavy, but intensely focused and giving everything that you've got."

Conway is a singer, writer and a sayer of things that are on her mind and stuck in her side. She wants to tell you what she sees and how she sees it. She hopes you talk back.

Born in south St. Louis, born again in Brooklyn and currently coming into her own in LA, Conway offers a solo debut reflective of a journey that has been a trip!! "I take it to the heart. I take it to the head." She's all in.

Owl Fly South

Meet OWL FLY SOUTH. They are a rock and roll four-piece from UCLA who destroy brains and melt faces. Their blazing songs stare you straight in the face and don't look away until they come crashing to a close. One moment, they conjure up a storm of blistering garage rock fury. Soon after, you may find yourself floating suspended in waves of psychedelic ambient sound and noise. Moments later, you are bouncing to Beatles-esque pop fit for a summer sunset. Echoed vocals, sweet mellotrons, fuzzy guitars, and pummeling drums combine to create Owl Fly South's powerful rock and roll. In general, the music harkens back to the vintage vinyl sounds of the 60s and 70s, with the more free elements of modern music. These tunes are aimed skyward.


Boys School, Conway, Owl Fly South

Sunday, September 29 · Doors 8:30 PM / Show 9:00 PM at The Satellite