A Club Called Rhonda Presents: Tiger and Woods

A Club Called Rhonda

Rhonda is a woman, Rhonda is a party, Rhonda is a label. Rhonda is an ideal, a feeling, a trait. She’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue, on the top of every list, inside the places you wanna be, she’s the face you always hope you’ll see. Nobody knows where she came from or why she came, all we know is that she JUST WON’T STOP.

Rhonda and her followers have been building monthly shrines to Dionysus since early 2008 with live soundtracks from some of dance music’s most influential floor fillers such as Cosmo Vitelli, Simian Mobile Disco, Kon & Amir, The Magician, Still Going, Monty Luke, Special Disco Version (LCD Soundsystem), Hot Chip, Scott Grooves, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Runaway, the Rapture, Hercules & Love Affair, In Flagranti, Marshall Jefferson, Jacques Renault, Juan MacLean, Aeroplane, Harvey, Roy Davis, Azari & III, Tim Sweeney, Mike Simonetti, Traxx, House of House, Nicky Siano, Todd Edwards, DJ Pierre, and Holy Ghost. Her vim and vigor for nightlife have landed her on the top of “must do” lists the world over, making Rhonda L.A.’s undisputed mecca for HOUSE, DISCO, AND POLYSEXUAL HARD PARTYING.

More recently Rhonda is setting up a 12″ record label under the name Rhonda International. Keep your ears peeled for limited run releases in the hemispheres of house, disco, and hedonism.


Tiger and Woods

In Flagranti

In Flagranti is the duo of Sasha Crnobrnja (aka Cosmic Rocker) and Alex Gloor. They both have been in and around various scenes on opposite sides of the globe between New York and Europe. What they share is the simultaneous discovery of the italian cosmic scene from the late 70's early 80's. Both were hooked after hearing some of the mixed tapes in the early 80's, which had this hypnotic blend of electro-disco-afro-rock-funk-dub. in the search of like minded people and the music they loved, Sasha and Alex meet in Basel/Switzerland. It didn't take long for Sasha to join Alex who moved to new york in the early 80's, and also make the move to the big apple, in 1993. the musical bond had become so strong that they decide to start their own record label Codek Records, which marked its 10th anniversary in 2006.

Since the beginning of Codek Records, Alex and Sasha aim to explore the cosmic background in every possible way by creating and putting together different elements of art/graphic design and styles of music in to a seamless flow, which ultimately leads them to create "In Flagranti", an act that would reflect all that, and continue to explore the endless possibilities of a 'cut and paste' esthetic. Their DIY attitude, which came in many forms like "Organic Grooves" Sasha's long running weekly party and "SMYLONYLON" tapes, Alex's and Chris Bricks by now legendary mix tapes, gained them a lot of street credibility in New York and abroad.

KimAnh is a LosAngeles based DJ, producer & musician. Siting
influences such as classic house, garage and minimal wave, KimAnh
broke through as an international DJ in 2006 playing major night clubs
in Paris, London and Berlin. KimAnh has beent he 5year resident
DJ for the critically acclaimed nightclub event BoobyTrap!, a disco and
house-infused party based in NYC and LosAngeles. BoobyTrap! has
been recognized by LA Weekly as Top Pick, with Flaunt Magazine
attributing the nightclub's success to its "churningdancefloor."

SaintLeRoq, a musical project founded with veteran producer Anon, first
gained attention with its debut single "OtherI" in2011. SaintLeRoq
has produced remixes for artists such as Tegan and Sara, Sam Sparro
and is currently working to complete their EP.

In spring of 2012, Kim Anh co-produced a remix for grammy-nominated artist Sam Sparro, who's single "Happiness" hit number 1 on the European dance charts and achieved platinum status within weeks of release. Currently Kim Anh is completing her EP of solo work due for release in early 2013.

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A Club Called Rhonda Presents: Tiger and Woods with In Flagranti, Urulu Cromie, Kim Anh, Goddollars, Paradise

Friday, October 4 · 10:00 PM at Los Globos - Indie/Dance