Dan Coyle

My interest in songwriting came from Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, and the Beatles. I would have to say that my most influential contemporary is Mr. Josh Ritter.

While I get a lot of comparisons to Jason Mraz and Cat Stevens, I can't really say either have influenced my songwriting or style in any way.

Dane Davenport

Singer/Songwriter Dane Davenport - Nuanced Kansas City folk/rock for fans of Josh Ritter, Bob Dylan, & Damien Rice.

John Keck

I've been writing songs in my head all my life, i just waited a while to start singing them. I think we all have a sound track to our lives, hopefully my songs reflect that. I hope they come across as honest. I try to be honest with myself when I write them.

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Dan Coyle with Dane Davenport, John Keck

Saturday, December 7 · 9:00 PM at Czar Bar

Tickets Available at the Door