Omega Sirius Moon

This Post Progressive Rock energy cross pollinates with delta blues, hip-hop, emo-grunge and jazz. As if that wasn’t enough, a lovely balance and heavy influence of native percussion instruments gives this project a uniquely tribal feel. On the new indie EP, The ANTIHERO Project, OSM returns to fans a more evolved musician. The Brooklyn based heart throb introduces us to her unapologetically brutal and beautifully abrasive guitar stylings, while flaunting her effortless ability to write vividly wilding epics that take the listener on an other-worldly journey through the heart and mind . OSM contends that this project was written for ”the REBELS & ROMANTICS of the world” yet maintains that ever present OSM theme of Esotericism, Divine Mathematics and of course, Magic. Currently touring state side and abroad.

Safety brings discontented intellectuals and angsty, wrathful youths together with their punk-influenced, driving melodies. Fueled by strings of personal catastrophes, beleaguered Safety spills their guts on every chord through lashing rhythms, deeply personal lyrics, and literary allusion via Bukowski, Lovecraft.
Founding members Andy Diaz (vocals/guitar) and Grayum Vickers (bass/vocals) have recently moved their long-standing, Florida-based outfit to Brooklyn, adding Nick Dolan (drums) and Josh Storms (guitar) to the lineup. “This has always been our main outlet for any of the grief, tragic humor, and joy that we’ve lived” says Vickers. “Safety is who we are and what we do. We write and play because we have to in order to survive” Diaz adds.
Following A Season of Bad Dreams (2008), Safety’s 2012 release, Night Lights encapsulates the band’s careworn bitterness in sometimes pop-punky, sometimes darkly heavy tones and unmistakable sincerity. Called, “mournful”, “triumphant”, and “catchy” by Punk News, Night Lights is a record to listen to after a grad school all-nighter in the pouring rain.
Following an impressive, self-produced term as East Coast punk rock legionnaires, including multiple appearances at The Fest in Gainesville, Vans Warped Tour, and DIY tours in Canada and the U.S., Safety looks to continue refining their self-expressive sounds. “We want to be that crucial link for those who, like us, feel the desperate need for artistic connection in their worst moments. We would not have made it through without those vital songs and bands that were there for us in the throws.”
Safety looks to hit the road again soon and there are whispers of a new record in the works as well. Check out their website at or follow their blog at for news and updates.

What is a Hardbody? According to fictional beach philosopher, Scottie Palmer, they're "little foxes down by the beach." And while I agree with the great waterfront sage's statement, I would also argue in favor of a broader definition.

I've spent countless hours in the Hardbody milieu, and the four assembled here: Bill French (Drums), Aduni Lemieux (Keys/Vocals), Sebastian Paulson (Guitar, Vocals) and Erik Schwertfeger (Bass), are the most cosmopolitan of cabals. Though all four currently reside in Brooklyn, NY, their one-hundred-twenty-plus years in the racket of American dreamin' have taken them far and wide. From the Great Lakes to the Gulf Shore, the Brooklyn Bridge to the Golden Gate, Chowder Bowls to Gumbo Pots, and every Bar Room in between, they stalk the "sound" and the "vision" with a fiendish ferocity I haven't paid witness to in many moons. To find them in league at this juncture makes the corner of my lips curl skyward into a devilish grin.

After a recent performance I imparted my high opinion of sound upon them, to which they matter-of-factly retorted, damn near in unison: "we're just regular folks."

Only in their own minds. And only for now. If you haven't had the pleasure of rippin' it up in the gorgeous, glassy sea of life, then keep your eyes on the skies and your toes on the nose. Before you realize it, you'll be in the company of HARDBODIES.


A pop/rock trio featuring music by Brandon Rivard, Kaitlyn Rosati, and Hassan Sharaff.

NYC rock band who plays energetic rock music in dimly lit clubs to semi-drunk twenty somethings!



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Omega Sirius Moon with Safety, Hardbodies, Honeybadger, AM Aesthetic

Thursday, November 7 · 7:00 PM at RBar